Rusty Satellite 242 – John Neace and Tawana Bain

Sure, it’s been a tough week for sports fans around here — so I thought it would be great to talk about our city’s professional soccer franchise and the team’s bright future. I got hold of John Neace, chairman of the team’s board, to give you a timetable leading up to the first game in the new stadium, which he says will happen in 2020. And Neace is also a part of the group trying to get the NBA to locate here, so I ask him about that as well.

Tawana Bain certainly has an entrepreneurial spirit – she’s been running her own business here for 14 years. But this year she’s starting something new called the Derby Diversity Summit, which of course will take place Derby Week. She’s playing matchmaker for suppliers owned by minorities (African-American, women, LGBT, veterans) and companies that want to use minority-owned firms in their business. All over a Mint Julep or two.

In the news, there’s this U of L thing. This week we learned the NCAA’s silliest penalty – banners representing a national championship must not be displayed at the Yum! Center. While that’s got a lot of folks upset, I remind you that the University paid strippers and prostitutes to entertain its student-athletes and prospects, so the punishment is really deserved. Also, a lot of teens (14) have gotten the attention of police for posting threats online in the wake of the Florida shooting tragedy. Yet I question how the Jeffersontown city attorney got away with a death threat on social media.

Also, voters in Bullitt County show they may not be as dumb as I thought they were, rejecting the bid of Rebecca Johnson to succeed her husband as a State Representative. Of course, she claimed voter fraud in losing by a 68-32 percent margin.

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Fortyish 78 – Margi Neff is loving life

Some people might look from the outside and say that Margi Neff lives a normal life in a normal town with normal things happening – and that might be true. But in the seeming normalcy, there is wisdom and lessons to learn from her experience with her husband, her kids, her extended family, and the experience of living apart from where she grew up.

Rusty Satellite 241 – Edward Lee and Molly Alviar/Brian Price

This 241st episode of the Rusty Satellite Show was recorded on Valentine’s Day, and I was happy to be joined by a festive Carolyn McLean in the studio to talk about an interesting week in the ‘Ville. Plus, she brought me chocolate.

My first guest has already claimed fame as a nationally-renowned chef, and he got his start right here at 610 Magnolia, which he’s made his own. Plus, Chef Edward Lee operates Milkwood in Actors Theatre and a D.C. restaurant. So why did he open Whiskey Dry on Fourth Street Live!? Tune in to find out why, and hear about Lee’s passion for helping aspiring chefs get into the industry.

Contrary to what we say on the podcast, this is the 5th Annual Tailspin Ale Fest, and Liquor Barn plays a big role as a sponsor. Molly Alviar, a former UK cheerleader, handles marketing and events for the now-local company. Last year, the company was purchased by Blue Equity of Louisville. Brian Price, the “Beer Guy” at Liquor Barn, chimes in with some info on the Barrel-aged offerings available at Tailspin.

Carolyn and I discuss our upcoming venture in podcasting – the re-launch of EatDrinkTalk. Plus, we get a chuckle or two from the recent auction of items by Tom Jurich, and we discuss the pros and cons of Valentine’s Day.

TCZ Podcast: Cards entering the final stretch

Joe, Dave and LJ recap the week that was. After a tough game against Syracuse, the guys talk about wins over G-Tech and Pitt.  We look forward to the UNC game.  We preview that Louisville Women’s game against UCONN on Monday night.  We talk football and the NSD party, and we end it reading letters from  the TCZ mailbag. Tune in.

Rusty Satellite 240 – Cres Bride and Brendan Evans

When I heard the legendary landmark Joe’s Older Than Dirt was coming back, complete with a brand new moose out front, I had to get the story. Cres Bride, who ran the joint for 15 years, has partnered with Fernando Martinez for a Joe’s Re-Boot. And Bride, who also owns R Place Pub down the street in Lyndon, says the main difference from the old Joe’s is that the food will be better, thanks to Martinez’s participation.

I was introduced to Zimbabwe native turned Louisville business owner Brendan Evans, who has a wonderful accent and tremendous appreciation for what America has to offer. After working in the business a few years, he recently purchased the Rental Depot and is gearing up for a busy Kentucky Derby season.

The big news on the Rick front is that I’m moving. That’s right, that means the “Cozy Cottage in J-town” is available for rent, so contact me soon if you’re interested in renting my 3-bedroom, 1-bath home situated in a lovely private spot – and it includes a hot tub. In the news, misplaced priorities on the Metro Council are such that three Republicans, including my own Council member Kevin Kramer, have attached their names to an abortion bill. Meanwhile, only 10 of 26 voiced support for the medical marijuana bill in the state legislature.

The big restaurant news is that Kealin’s, like Joe’s, a legendary name around here, is making a comeback in the Highlands. And we’ll soon have another Edward Lee creation to visit, on Fourth Street Live. I’ll have Lee as a guest on next week’s show.

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Fortyish 77 – Joline Thornton Talks About Being Divorced At 39

Stephanie’s friend Joline was cruising along a couple of years ago, trying to work out things with her husband on managing their lives and marriage…then came the divorce. As a mother of three (including twins), it was a very sudden and very major life change, and she’s decided to share her experiences here so that others may find some wisdom and encouragement.

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The Crunch Zone: Rough Times At The University of Louisville

Just Dave and LJ today but they break down a rough week for Louisville basketball, the fiasco in the front office, the Louisville Women handling business, football updates, and the TCZ mailbag brings back the 80’s. All that, and Superbowl edition of dudes talking.


Rusty Satellite 239 – David Jones Jr. and Amanda Scott

If you have any interest in the evolution of local media, you’ll want to hear my conversation with David Jones, Jr.  He was instrumental in forming the Insider Media Group, which has helped turn Insider Louisville into a non-profit that will count on donations from readers for survival. It has plans to grow its reporting staff to 15, which would be enough, he says, to adequately cover the region’s important news outside of sports, crime and weather.

Also, I’m happy to bring you the feel-good story of Amanda Scott, who emerged from a life saddled with addiction to help start, which operates a home for women who want to change their lives for the better by getting clean in a safe and healthy environment.

It was a big week for me as I considered running for a seat in the Kentucky House of Representatives. The deadline was Tuesday, and I was being encouraged by some good folks who really thought I could win. I decided against it, but in the future it’s something to consider. I’ve got an update on what’s happened in Jeffersontown since last week.  The city attorney posted a terroristic threat on Facebook, which must be OK to his boss, Mayor Bill Dieruf, who continues to avoid my calls. Also, I discovered that the city’s law against short-term rentals is, well, maybe not really a law.

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Fortyish 76 – Five Lessons We Learned Last Year

Stephanie and Dan have reached an age where they recognize each season of life brings the opportunity to learn a lesson. This past year has brought some challenges and experiences that certainly speak to that, so they run down their top 5 this week. Not surprisingly, there is one that they share.

TCZ Podcast: B-ball wins and Sunday roast sessions (Extended Edition)

Joe, Dave, and LJ are back on a new day and time.   Joined in the studio by the little brother of TCZ (Matt McGavic) we discuss the Miami loss and Wake Forest win.  The Louisville women bounce back in a huge way.  Matt breaks down the upcoming baseball season.  We talk about Brian Vangorder, Crunchzone style, and an extended TCZ mailbag.   Show ran long but we have some fun with this one. Enjoy!!