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2015-08-27 06:00
Rusty Satellite 112 - Jennifer Bielstein and Joe Mechavich
2015-08-26 20:58
Greg Hofer, co owner of Highland Coffee pays a visit to the Louisville Improvisors Manor to discu
What Happens Next 44 - Cold Brewed
2015-08-20 05:30
Rusty Satellite 111 - Rick Sanders and Mo McKnight Howe
2015-08-13 06:00
                Two groups de
Rusty Satellite 110 - Linda Ruffenach/Bruce Corwin and Chris Otts
2015-08-06 06:00
Rusty Satellite 109 - Sandra Perry and John Birnsteel
2015-07-30 06:00
Rusty Satellite 108 - Jeff Brohm and Matt Jones
2015-07-23 06:00
              Rusty's back with Stacy
Rusty Satellite 107 - Stacy Funk and David Tandy
2015-07-16 06:00
Rusty Satellite 106 - Dan Dry and Dave Mattingly
2015-07-09 06:00
Rusty Satellite 105 - Caroline Heine and Gary Fox
2015-07-02 15:15
This week Jeff Miller and Angie Fenton welcome a very special guest, Angie's husband Jason Appleg
Get Fit Louisville 46 – Jason Applegate
2015-07-02 06:00
Rusty Satellite 104 - Holly Weyler McKnight and John Good
2015-06-25 11:43
Jeff Miller and Angie Fenton are joined with special guest Ande Gorce. As time goes on, it can be
Get Fit Louisville 45 – Ande Gorce
2015-06-25 06:00
Rusty Satellite 103 - Amanda Duffy and Sam Miller
2015-06-18 06:00
Rusty Satellite 102 - Christopher 2X and Roger Baylor
2015-06-17 12:05
Listen in to Get Fit Louisville and hear Jeff Miller and Angie Fenton discuss Mountain Bike Short
Get Fit Louisville 44 – Mountain Bike Short Track
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