Fortyish 71 – Our Lives In Music

Music defines our lives – what is coming out of the speakers at any given time will cement that moment in our brains forever. Stephanie and Dan brought in five songs each this week that helped to define who they are. If you’ve listened to the show for awhile, some of this stuff might be predictable, but other selections will surprise you! It was a super fun exercise that will connect with the #40ish set and take your brain back to simpler times.

Rusty Satellite 231 – Faith Hope Yascone and Lenny Mello

Join me as I speak with Faith Hope Yascone, a delightful personality who has been successfully renting properties on Airbnb since 2013. Faith and her sisters Joy and Hope are especially exciting about the Christmas season, and showed off the beautiful decorations in their Old Louisville home.

You’ll also hear from one of the 50 best golf fitness instructors in the U.S., according to Golf Digest magazine. Lenny Mello’s business in the Louisville Tennis Center has grown dramatically since we first met three years ago.

Meanwhile, I’m fighting City Hall. I learned that Jeffersontown’s Code Enforcement department targeted me and one other property in the city for violation of its archaic short-term lease law. This occurred after a complaint from a neighbor at the other property, who could site no actual harm, just wrote of his extensive FEAR that something bad might happen in the house next door. And there had been zero complaints at my property. I suspect the Good Ole Boy network in Jtown is now on full alert is selectively citing citizens it has a beef with, for one reason or another.

In all, quite a episode worthy of your listening time. Thanks for paying attention, and please feel free to get in touch any time.

Fortyish 70 – Is Generation X The “Last Best Hope”?

Dan ran across a Vanity Fair article written by fellow Gen X-er Rich Cohen that ran down why Generation X is a “market correction” stuck between the Boomers and Millennials. He like the article so much that he made Stephanie sit there and listen to him read it so they could break it down paragraph by paragraph and insert their own opinions. Listen along and form your own takes on why (or if) Generation X can save the world.

Rusty Satellite 230 – Valle Jones and Rob Locke

Have you noticed all the progress on Whiskey Row? It’s been a long time coming, and a tribute to the perseverance of Valle Jones, the force behind the development of one of the city’s most important blocks. Just this week, it was announced that two new Marriott-branded hotels will be built, joining announced projects that include two restaurants, a speakeasy and luxury apartments. Listen in to hear the latest on Whiskey Row.

The positive momentum in the West End couldn’t happen without affordable housing options for residents, and that is, among other things, why Rob Locke is intent on helping people find homes through Habitat for Humanity. We talked at the organization’s awesome Bank Street headquarters in Portland.

In my world, my city of Jeffersontown is attempting to stand in the way of progress by enforcing an absolute ban on short-term rental housing. It’s a fight I’m preparing to fight with city officials, who are so wrong-headed in going against technology and progress that it makes me ill. In other news of former Rusty Satellite guests – Winston Bennett lost his job with the state after complaints about inappropriate emails he sent, and Jeff Brohm is now the darling of the Tennessee Volunteers, though apparently no deal has been signed yet.

It’s all in another great episode of the Rusty Satellite Show. Thanks for listening.

Rusty Satellite 229 – Paul Tuell and Erin Jones

Thanks. Really, I am thankful to you for sticking around for the 229th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show on Thanksgiving weekend. I invited a couple of good friends to be on this week’s show with me.

First up is Paul Tuell, founder of Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey, who welcomed me in his Jeffersontown office where I saw a warehouse full of product. Paul, a former Brown-Forman exec, says the brand is performing better than expected since its launch, and that there are some big things ahead. Plus, he told me about some new cocktails – the Sleigh Ride and Elf on a Shelf, that you can order from your favorite bartender.

Erin Jones joined me in the studio after spending most of the last 24 hours in the hospital with her six-year-old son, who managed to run into an immovable object going full speed running away from a girl. Erin, who regularly suggests guests for the show, is planning a big Thanksgiving at home and has a busy December ahead.

In the news, Erin and I discuss the disgusting principal at Manual High School, whose days in that post are numbered after several allegations of racism and, well, making inappropriate comments to students. We also discuss the sweeping sage of sexual misconduct allegations and how it affects the workplace. On a lighter note, I’ve got a rosy prediction for Saturday big football game between the Cards and Cats.

It all goes well with turkey, so enjoy listening to the show this weekend.

Fortyish 69 – Did The Boomers Ruin America?

Stephanie wanted to talk about parents helping kids out with homework – and they do – but first Dan goes on an unplanned dissertation on how the Woodstock generation is responsible for the decaying sense of decorum in the world today. It was quite alarming even to himself. That off-the-cuff “tirade” leads to other topics before they actually get to how late kids are staying up these days working on story problems.

TCZ Podcast #102 Crunchgiving

It’s Thanksgiving and Hate Week.  Joe, Dave, and LJ sat down to discuss the upcoming Governor’s Cup game against UK.  We talk about our best and worst memories of the rivalry.  We recapped the Syracuse game, spoke about the hot start that the women’s team has got off to, and briefly discussed the men’s basketball team and ended the show with “dudes talking bout turkey”. Click the link to listen.

Rusty Satellite 228 – Dale Romans and Jack Mathis

When I read that Dale Romans had surpassed Bill Mott to become the all-time leading trainer at Churchill Downs, I decided to see if I could get him on the show. At Barn 4, where he’s been operating a winning stable for decades, Romans was wheeling and dealing on the phone when I stepped into his office. His life partner Tammy walked in, and then Dale and I got started. I think you’ll find Dale’s story intriguing, and his optimistic outlook about the future of racing and Churchill stands out.

I’m usually one of those people who complain that the Christmas season starts too early, and would normally be especially vexed about any shopping event going on before Thanksgiving. But Jack Mathis assures me that the Champagne party at Work the Metal in Butchertown Friday will be special. He started the store back in 2003, and has grown it to an amazing 12,000 square feet.

The party starts at 6, and will include goodies from Butchertown Grocery, Butchertown Pizza Hall, Bourbon Barrel Foods, Cellar Door Chocolates and some special cocktails from my friends at Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey.

In the news, there’s more movement in J-town, where Bearno’s is taking over the old Ferd Grisanti’s spot where Loui Loui’s just closed. And Corbett’s in the East End shut down this week after a decade in business. Louisville City FC won the USL Soccer title Monday, a good omen as the team got the go-ahead to start building a new stadium in Butchertown.

There’s plenty more going on in my hometown, and you can hear about some of it right here on the Rusty Satellite Show. Thanks for downloading.