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We live in a vibrant city full of great people, great food, dedicated sports fans, fascinating culture, and enough variety that we all have our own thing. From corner to corner in the Louisville area, we strive to present deep, meaningful content that reflects that variety. Dive in and join the revolution – reject your radio and enjoy what you love about Louisville on your time and wherever you are.








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Podcasting has lost its shiny object syndrome and has become part of the world’s media landscape. If you’re a Louisville company and you want to connect with an audience that is local and passionate about the city in which they live (not to mention the subject matter they enjoy here), get the details here on how you can support our efforts to redefine talk in Louisville with a show sponsorship. Or…perhaps host your own show!

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September 2016
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EDT 9 – Gary Fox and Brad Williams

Exactly how many restaurants are opening up in July in Louisville? That’s the question...

Jtown Chamber 11 – “Famous Shelly” Gardner and Jennifer Rubenstein

It’s another great week at the Jeffersontown Chamber, which has been connecting...

Jtown Chamber 5 – Erin Fowler and Bob Batch

It’s Spring Break Week, and even though plenty of our friends have left town,...

Jtown Chamber 2 – Mark Russell and Rhonda Rowland

The second biggest event on the Jeffersontown Chamber is just around the corner, the...

Jtown Chamber 1 – Bill Dieruf and The 3rd Turn Brewery

It’s the premiere of the Jeffersontown Chamber podcast. In the first show, host...

Louisville Uncovered 3 – John Ashton and Ruth Weurth

It’s always golf season for John Ashton, Cyndy’s guest on this Louisville...

Rusty Satellite 123 – 988575 – Kevin Harned and Karen & Meredith Lawrence

We all know that a lot of TV personalities donate their time around town to various...

What Happens Next 48 – Noodling With Tim Barnes

Chris’s long held ballet dream is finally coming to fruition!...

What Happens Next 47 – Getting Synergized with Coleman Hulette

The guys pay a visit to marketing savant Coleman Hulette where the discuss product...

Rusty Satellite 114 – Nan Elpers and Tom Jurich

Last Saturday’s Free the Nipple walk in the Highlands created quite a local stir,...