Louisville Beer 44 – Joel Halbleib from BBC

bbcFor the second week in a row, we are King-less, but our guest co-host Grant Johnson steps in and does a bangup job subbing for John King. Joel Halbleib drops by bearing Bourbon Ale fresh off the bottling line and talks about what to expect from BBC Production (Clay and Main). Grant also brings in a new segment, “Quick Draw with Grant” and gets plenty of laughter and less “What is your favorite nut?” questions.

Is this the end for John King? Probably not, but tune in to make your own call.
Enough about John King…tune in to hear Joel Halbleib and his plans for world domination with Bluegrass Brewing Company. Plus Cafe Lou Lou in the Highlands steps in for sponsorship (read: free pizza and cheese sticks!!!). We’ll take it!