Jtown Chamber 10 – Liz Ashcraft and Victor Kustes

JC10LizAshcraftThe best way to avoid a post-Derby letdown is to stay busy, and there’s plenty to do this week in Jeffersontown. There’s the Jtown Chamber Golf Trail at Woodhaven Country Club on Tuesday, a Red Cross Blood Drive at the police station on Wednesday, and a Business at Breakfast event at Mimi’s Cafe on Thursday. Friday is the deadline for BOOM Award Nominations, and on Friday night there’s a special presentation of Romeo & Juliet at Veterans Park. There’s the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and Jeffersontown High School’s Project Lead The Way Cardboard Boat Regatta on Monday.

On the show, our first guest is Liz Ashcraft, who’s been leading the way in growing the Farmer’s Market for four years. Ashcraft, who started out as a vendor and became the organizer for the event, has plenty of energy in describing all the people who make it a regular part of their Saturday morning routine. Victor Kustes has been involved in the Cardboard Regatta for two decades, teaching students principles of engineering in a fun way. On Monday, Mayor Bill Dieruf (who answers a question about the Regatta in this week’s Ask The Mayor segment) takes on Jtown Chamber president John Cosby in some friendly competition on the water at Kentucky Kingdom.