Fortyish 78 – Margi Neff is loving life

Some people might look from the outside and say that Margi Neff lives a normal life in a normal town with normal things happening – and that might be true. But in the seeming normalcy, there is wisdom and lessons to learn from her experience with her husband, her kids, her extended family, and the experience of living apart from where she grew up.

TCZ Podcast: Cards entering the final stretch

Joe, Dave and LJ recap the week that was. After a tough game against Syracuse, the guys talk about wins over G-Tech and Pitt.  We look forward to the UNC game.  We preview that Louisville Women’s game against UCONN on Monday night.  We talk football and the NSD party, and we end it reading letters from  the TCZ mailbag. Tune in.

Fortyish 77 – Joline Thornton Talks About Being Divorced At 39

Stephanie’s friend Joline was cruising along a couple of years ago, trying to work out things with her husband on managing their lives and marriage…then came the divorce. As a mother of three (including twins), it was a very sudden and very major life change, and she’s decided to share her experiences here so that others may find some wisdom and encouragement.

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Fortyish 76 – Five Lessons We Learned Last Year

Stephanie and Dan have reached an age where they recognize each season of life brings the opportunity to learn a lesson. This past year has brought some challenges and experiences that certainly speak to that, so they run down their top 5 this week. Not surprisingly, there is one that they share.

Fortyish 75 – 27-Year Old Wisdom

It’s been making the viral rounds, but a 27-year old posted what was ultimately her final words on facebook…and it was pretty good. As per usual, Stephanie and Dan break that down and share their thoughts. But…not before testing themselves in a fun game of parental “Never Have I Ever”. Super fun!

TCZ Podcast: Men’s Hoops, Women’s Hoops, and Coach 2 in the land of cheese

Joe, Dave, and LJ are back this week to discuss the men’s win over Notre Dame (again),  the win over Boston College, the Louisville Women taste defeat for the first time and more.  We talk about possible replacements for Peter Sirmon and why Louisville needs Cort Dennison to stay.  The boys discuss Coach 2 to Milwaukee rumors and have fun with the possibilities and then we get emotional at the end.

TheCrunchZone Podcast: Basketball Is Fun Again, And the Football Schedule is OUT!

ThatBoysGood, Biggest Biscuit, LJ & Mark are back and they are happy about basketball in the Ville.  The Men’s team has had an incredible week with two road wins and the women’s team is 19-0.  Also Football has its schedule and LJ breaks down the recent football events.  Dudes Talking was dream college road games/match-ups.

Fortyish 74 – Goals? What Are Goals?

Stephanie totally shot down the opportunity to talk about goals and/or resolutions because…well….that’s how she lives every day. Dan, on the other hand, needs to at least write a few things down and (briefly) revisits what he did or didn’t do in 2017. Plus…it’s super cold in the studio and there are a few lamentations.