The Crunch Zone 91 – Mixed Bag ‘O Stuff

ThatBoysGood, BiggestBiscuit and Mark sit down and talk Twitter, demographics of the website, 93.9 The Ville’s 3-6 spot, the NBA, the Derby, Thunder, Spring Game Tailgate with Red Rage Tailgate and Saint’s, and finally we discussed getting kicked out of places.

The Crunch Zone 88 – Mark & TBG Go to New York; Biscuit & Guys Talk NCAA Tournament

TBG & Mark traveled to New York for the ACC Tournament and recap their trip. ¬†They shared some funny stories from the road and also discussed Louisville’s draw in the NCAA Tournament that begins in Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville St. in the Midwest Region.

The Crunch Zone 84 – Watching The Virginia Game…Sort Of

Mark, ThatBoysGood & Biggest Biscuit sat in studio and watched the Cards face off vs. the Virginia Cavaliers. We discussed a manner of things during our “Game Watch” and we really didn’t discuss MUCH of the game at all as we tried to do anything at all to keep our minds off it.