EDT 14 – Kevin Grangier and Jeff Stum

EDT14Kevin-Grangier-webBoth Steve and Rick were on the road last week, enjoying the finest in drinking and dining in New York and Michigan. But there is plenty going on back home, including news that chef Edward Lee (610 Magnolia, MilkWood) is cooking up a new concept and location in Louisville. The news is also good for consumers along Goss Ave., where Steve enjoyed stops at the new Germantown Craft House and The Pearl. Steve also describes some highlights from his trip to New York City, including stops at two of the estimated 24,000 restaurants in Manhattan. Meanwhile, in Michigan, Rick took in a Tigers game and notes the excitement of downtown Detroit.

In Kevin Grangier, Steve’s guest, Louisville has one of the most creative entrepreneurs in the dining industry. Steve asks Kevin how he’s able to operate three relatively new concepts, including the just-opened Kevin’s Picnic in Anchorage. Rick’s talk with Jeff Stum of Spicewood Branding details the products that company has brought to market, although Jeff explains that it’s time to shut down Spicewood so he and partner Paul Tuell can focus most of their efforts on their own brand, Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey.

As always, we talk about some great new hotspots in town, and the place to be on Saturday — the Bourbon Mixer. Be sure to check out more news about food and drink at EatDrinkTalk.net.

EDT 13 – Larry Rice and Stanley Chase

After a a full week of eatin’ and drinkin’, Rick and Steve and are back for a podcast to talk about those adventures. First up are our impressions of the massive new HopCat bar on Bardstown Road, where we both went to the soft opening last Friday. Our thoughts — if size does matter, this is the place. The huge space has a cool vibe with a rock and roll theme (and loud music), a broad selection of beer and whiskey, and fine, if not cutting-edge, food. Also, we love the shrewd marketing move unveiled this week by Wild Turkey — launching a short movie starring Matthew McConaughey, who will play a creative director’s role in the company’s future. Steve calls it a home run for the brand and its signature Wild Turkey 101 bourbon, known by some as the Kickin’ Chicken.EDT13StanleyChase

While enjoying all the new restaurant openings, we’re concerned about national reports of a looming restaurant recession. Steve examined the Texas Roadhouse earnings report, which was positive overall, but did include some signs that the analysts may be correct.

Rick’s interview with Louisville Vegan Jerky founder Stanley Chase is highly entertaining and a great business story, including the tale of a Canadian rock and roll band that insisted on meeting his crew while in town for a show. While jerky may not be a staple in our diet, you can’t help but be impressed with the company’s production — from 100 bags per month to 20,000 per month in just four years. Steve’s visit to the newest dive bar in Germantown, The Pearl, reveals the strategy behind Larry Rice’s decision to open in what’s becoming a thriving bar and restaurant scene on Goss Avenue.

In what’s become a staple of the show — our favorite eats and drinks, Steve raves about a Sidebar burger and the perfect summer drink, while Rick talks about his experience with Vegan Jerky and the beer at HopCat. You can find more on these topics, as always, at the EatDrinkTalk.net web site, where we have news every day.

EDT 12 – Hopcat comes to Louisville

EDT12DiFabioSteve and Rick were getting a little giddy in the studio this week after enjoying a walk-thru at the spectacular new HopCat. It’s a HUGE new enterprise that will surely add to the foot traffic in an already crowded section of Bardstown Road. The Michigan-based chain chose Louisville for its ninth location, and spent nearly $5 million on great decor that beer and music aficionados will love. We tried to imagine how long it would take to sample all 132 beers on tap and were amazed at the size of the keg room. And the food, at least based on the menu, has great promise as well, including Detroit-style pizza. Steve unearthed news of another potential opening in social media, with news that Ryan Rogers of Feast BBQ and Royals Hot Chicken is researching pizza ideas. So when are we reaching the saturation point for new, independent restaurants? We’re hoping it’s not anytime soon, because we love attending their soft openings, but a Nation’s Restaurant News piece points to the possibility of a restaurant recession in 2017, signaling that the industry may have overbuilt.

One of Rick’s favorite tastes of the week was at DiFabio’s Casapella on Frankfort Ave., where Jon Riley and Caiti DiFabio treated him to a spectacular dish of ice cream made in-house, and paired with a Maker’s Mark and Ballotin Whiskey Manhattan. Hear about the couple’s unusual meeting story and how the family business traces its way to Madisonville, Ky.

Steve’s interview with Trey Zoeller is a real treat. The Jefferson’s Bourbon owner and master blender tells of a lengthy voyage two barrels of his product coasting down the Ohio and several rivers in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama the flavor effect of the rough ride and weather on the product. And Steve talks about the best pulled pork sandwich he’s ever tasted, from Muddy Piggs BBQ in Princeton, plus the sip he had of a $300 a bottle Booker’s Rye. All this and more on our 12th episode of the EatDrinkTalk podcast.

EDT 11 – Joe Heron and Josh Bettis

EDT12JoeHeronOf course there are plenty of restaurants opening in town, again, and Steve and Rick take a look at  few more. We start with the new Louvino in Middletown, the 502 Bar & Bistro in Norton Commons, and then we run through a few more that illustrate the diversity of the ‘Ville’s dining scene, both geographically and by cuisine. For some, the big news in restaurants this week was the publication of health inspection grades, so we talk about how important they are and how the inspections are done.
Steve is still licking his lips after having a grilled Berkshire pork chop at the 502, and he talks about fitting in at the Nachbar, where he sipped an Obsidian Stout Beer, and you should listen closely for an explanation of what “nitro” is as it relates to beer. Rick was looking forward to a Chef’s Table event at the Brown Hotel Thursday night with Chef Josh Bettis.
Bettis has been in charge of the Brown’s food operations for three years now, and tells Rick in his interview about his excitement over a few new members of his team. Steve interviews Joe Heron, an entrepreneur extraordinaire who has done pharmaceutical sales in South Africa, Europe and the U.S. Of course, that’s not all, as Joe and his wife Lesley created and sold Nutrisoda, then created and sold Cirspin Hard Cider, all before creating the fabulous Copper & Kings brandy distillery in Butchertown. As you may recall, we sampled the meat pies there for last week’s show.
There’s plenty more eatin’ and drinkin’ to talk about, so join us for a fun-filled episode of EatDrinkTalk, and check out the EatDrinkTalk.net web site.


EDT 5 – Brent Elliott and Chad Coulter

EDT5 Brent-Elliot Four RosesThere’s no shortage of dining and drinking news, and the EatDrinkTalk crew has found plenty to talk about. We start with the long-awaited opening of the Taj bar in Nulu, which seems to be perfectly situated for success and has a real neighborhood vibe. But we’ve also discovered other new projects that are coming — including a Vietnamese dining spot that will be a prime part of the new Butcher Block development and the second Louvino location in Middletown. We’re wishing our friend Danny Mac well in his new pizza venture in the Mellwood Arts Center.

Of course, with all the celebrities and dignitaries coming to town for the Muhammad Ali funeral, we wonder where those folks are gonna get something to eat. Plus we kick around the concept of Louvino and wonder why its success hasn’t led to a flurry on wine bars opening. Steve spent much of the week on the road, discovering dining and drinking gems in Bowling Green and Paducah. Plus, he got to sample some fine whiskey in Cox’s Creek, where he interviewed Master Distiller Brent Elliott.

Rick stopped in to see Chad Coulter at Louvino in the Highlands, discovering the secret of that concept’s success and how he evolved from pharmacist to business owner and now construction manager. Join us anytime at eatdrinktalk.net and send us your ideas at Rick@EatDrinkTalk.net and Steve@EatDrinkTalk.net.

EDT 4 – Peerless Distilling’s Corky Taylor And The Ky. Bourbon Affair’s Adam Johnson Talk Local Liquor

Photo by Bill Brymer
Photo by Bill Brymer

On this week’s EatDrinkTalk podcast, we discuss a bit of sad news as Clay Wallace, owner and chef at Café Lou Lou, closed his longstanding Douglass Loop location after a lengthy dispute with his landlord. On the bright side we talk about Ciao, a new Italian restaurant under construction in the former Baxter Avenue space. Italian grub would be a great addition to the Irish Hill and/or Phoenix Hill eatin’ line-up.

Depending on whose story you believe, Cahoots, the troubled bar that lost its liquor license for a month last winter, isn’t closing. Or maybe it is. A pair of published stories reveal differing stories from its landlord and the business’s owner. And if you can believe anything about the local restaurant scene, it’s that another restaurant is offering brunch. This weekend, Boombozz Pizza & Taphouse in the Highlands will begin brunch service selling breakfast pizzas and multiple waffle choices. Seems this brunch craze won’t end anytime soon.

As always, we save the best for last, and that includes this week’s interviews. Rick sits down with Corky Taylor, co-owner of Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co., the 1-year-old whiskey distillery in downtown Louisville. Taylor’s story of entrepreneurism is fascinating on its own, but what Rick sees at the distillery blows his mind. And he also gets to sample its bourbon right from the barrel. (Sorry, folks, but it won’t be released until 2019.) And speaking of bourbon, Steve meets up with Adam Johnson, director of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and an organizer of this month’s Kentucky Bourbon Affair. If you like Kentucky brown liquor, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Listen in while Johnson pours out the details.

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EDT 3 – Larry Rice and Todd Antz

Photo credit: Andrew Hyslop.
Photo credit: Andrew Hyslop.

EatDrinkTalk enters its third week as Louisville’s go-to source for restaurant and drinks news. Episode 3 begins with the news that co-host Steve Coomes has left Insider Louisville after a 70-month stretch that saw him write 882 stories. The great news is now all that accumulated food and drink knowledge will be devoted to EDT!

Rick and Steve then weigh in on the restaurant finalists chosen in Louisville magazine’s annual Best of Louisville Awards. Some they liked, some they didn’t, and their opinions about both are strong. The guys also talked about two amazing multicourse dinners they enjoyed this week: Rick’s five-course feed at Buck’s, and Steve’s 11-course death row dinner at Bistro 1860.

One of the biggest news items of the week—that El Camino is moving from the Highlands to Germantown—set the stage for Steve’s interview with Larry Rice, operating partner of El Camino. Rice discussed why he and his partners kept the move off the radar as long as possible. Rick’s interview with Keg Liquors owner Todd Antz is all about craft beer, specifically Antz’s annual Keg Liquors Fest of Ale on June 4. If you’ve never been, know it’s one of the area’s best, and the selection of beers is phenomenal. Click here for tickets. It always sells out.


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EDT 2 – Drew Kulsveen and Paul Tuell

TuellEDTWith our inaugural Eat. Drink. Talk. podcast behind us, we launch into episode 2 with an abundance of Louisville restaurant and drinks news to discuss. We even talk about how to behave at soft openings. (Didn’t know you’d get a manners lesson, did you!)

This week’s show starts with a discussion of the big news this week: Bristol Bar & Grille in Prospect was not allowed by Kroger, it’s landlord, to renew its lease after being a great tenant for 10 years. That means this venerable restaurant will close May 29. Rick and Steve discuss why this happened and who they think might fill in that blank space.

We then move straight on to drinking when Steve interviews Drew Kulsveen, master distiller at Willet Distillery in Bardstown. Merely hoping to learn what new ryes and bourbons were aging in Willet’s rickhouses, Steve instead discovered a massive construction effort underway to add a bed and breakfast in, new visitors center, restaurant and grist mill to the historic property. Rick then talks to Paul Tuell, the branding mastermind behind the line of Ballotin Chocolate Whiskeys. The guys chat about the brand’s creation and the many, many cocktails and foods you can flavor with these delicious products.

Let us know what you think of the show by emailing Steve@eatdrinktalk.net or Rick@eatdrinktalk.net. And while you’re at it, sends us tips and tidbits about restaurant and bar news items, really cool restaurant personalities we should interview or your favorite places to eat and drink in Louisville!

EDT 1 – Michael Crouch and Marianne Barnes

EDT1MarianneBarnesThis could be the start of something big. Join acclaimed food writer Steve Coomes and reporter Rick Redding for an entertaining podcast focused on the city’s incredible restaurant and bar scene. In the first show, Steve sits down with executive chef Michael Crouch of Bistro 1860 and talks about his cooking style and the upcoming Death Row Meal, in May. Rick takes a trip to Woodford County to talk with Master Distiller Marianne Barnes of Castle & Key, soon to be producing a broad line of spirits. Let us know what you think of the show by emailing Steve@eatdrinktalk.net or Rick@eatdrinktalk.net, or come out and see us May 18 at the 3rd Turn Brewery in Jeffersontown for the Cocktails with Champions, starting at 5:30.