Fortyish 74 – Goals? What Are Goals?

Stephanie totally shot down the opportunity to talk about goals and/or resolutions because…well….that’s how she lives every day. Dan, on the other hand, needs to at least write a few things down and (briefly) revisits what he did or didn’t do in 2017. Plus…it’s super cold in the studio and there are a few lamentations.

Fortyish 73 – What A Year for THIS guy!

It’s the end of the year and Stephanie had some obligations, so Dan brought in a ringer. His friend Eric has had a year so he sat down to tell his story and shed some light on how he’s dealt with the death of his mother, a separation from his wife, his only child leaving the nest, and professional challenges. It’s an encouraging way to end 2017 on a surprising upbeat note. If you’re going through some stuff – give this a listen and hopefully find some inspiration.

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Fortyish 71 – Our Lives In Music

Music defines our lives – what is coming out of the speakers at any given time will cement that moment in our brains forever. Stephanie and Dan brought in five songs each this week that helped to define who they are. If you’ve listened to the show for awhile, some of this stuff might be predictable, but other selections will surprise you! It was a super fun exercise that will connect with the #40ish set and take your brain back to simpler times.

Fortyish 70 – Is Generation X The “Last Best Hope”?

Dan ran across a Vanity Fair article written by fellow Gen X-er Rich Cohen that ran down why Generation X is a “market correction” stuck between the Boomers and Millennials. He like the article so much that he made Stephanie sit there and listen to him read it so they could break it down paragraph by paragraph and insert their own opinions. Listen along and form your own takes on why (or if) Generation X can save the world.

Fortyish 69 – Did The Boomers Ruin America?

Stephanie wanted to talk about parents helping kids out with homework – and they do – but first Dan goes on an unplanned dissertation on how the Woodstock generation is responsible for the decaying sense of decorum in the world today. It was quite alarming even to himself. That off-the-cuff “tirade” leads to other topics before they actually get to how late kids are staying up these days working on story problems.

Fortyish 68 – What Is A Xennial?

In yet another attempt to classify the human population, somebody has coined a new term that defines people born in the late ’70s to early ’80s and Dan is having none of it. Stephanie and Dan also revisit the ever popular “Whatcha Like This Week” segment to share things that add positive elements to our lives.

Fortyish 67 – Scott Lykins is a 40ish Single Dude and Loves It

Former podcaster, beer industry stalwart, and nice fella Scott Lykins ran into Dan on the street awhile back and said he needed to share HIS perspective on being 40 and single – so Dan took him up on the challenge. In this quick conversation, Dan discovers a few new things and Scott ruminates on a life well lived to this point, but isn’t quite so sure about the future.

Stephanie, meanwhile, is out again this week sharing her excellence in digital marketing with the rest of the cool kids.

Fortyish 66 – Phil Kollin Has Wanderlust

At the tender age of almost 40, Phil Kollin has led an interesting life traversing the United States with his wife doing…lots of different things. A few years back, they settled in Louisville and Phil took a great job doing great things for a great organization in a great town. Then, he quit to do something else. It’s just what he does and his story could inspire you to take a leap and go on your next adventure in life!

Fortyish 65 – The Fear Is Here

As you get older, you just have a lot more to lose – and we’re not talking necessarily about “stuff”. Stephanie and Dan run down their personal list of 5 things that they’re most afraid of at 40ish and they’re lock in step on a few, leading them to believe that they have a lot in common with a lot of you.