Fortyish 43 – Get To Know Us!

We’re not gonna sugar coat it – we’ve gone down Serious Street for several weeks here so we thought we’d lighten the disposition and just come up with a few questions to ask each other, then apply some wisdom to the answers. We’ll call it “infrequently asked questions”. We hope you just call it fun.

Fortyish 42 – The Baggage We Carry With Us

When you reach a certain age, certain events in your life become part of who you are. For some of us, our load is light – but for some there are heavy burdens we carry along with us for the rest of our lives and shape our world view, our attitudes, and the way we interact with others each day. Stephanie takes a very bold step this week and shares her experience from the past that will speak to the hearts and minds of women AND men regardless of their age.

Fortyish 41 – We Didn’t Need Protection From The Web

Generation X is the last analog generation, never having to know the dangers (and benefits) of the internet until we were easily into adulthood. Therefore, our kids are out there navigating through the murky waters of insidious prowlers, “fake news”, and unseemly content. Stephanie and DanĀ invited Jeff Rushton, Director Of Digital Media at the University Of Louisville, to talk about tips and tricks for helping our kids out – including one cool thing that was totally new to Dan.

Fortyish 40 – Stephanie’s Friend Dana Is A Hoot

In a quick-hang episode, Stephanie’s friend Dana Diehlman stops by to talk about her life at home, as a pre-school teacher, and as a wanna be comic. It’s a loose, fun coversation where you can grab a cuppa joe an listen like a fly on the wall. All of that plus a rollicking version of “Whatcha Like This Week?” where Dan reveals something cheap that has made his life better.

Fortyish 39 – Frank Karaglanis Lost His Son To Heroin Addiction

Louisville has a heroin problem, and that problem has many faces. One of them is Brian Karaglanis, a young man who died alone on the street with a needle in his arm. Dan has known his dad, Frank, for many years and invited him to come in the studio and share some stories about Brian, what he was like, how he found himself in a downward spiral, and the warning signs thatĀ parents can look for in their own kids.

Fortyish 38 – Age Appropriate Social Media In And Out Of Work

Shane Shaps is by all accounts very good with social media. Her company, 520 East Brands, manages the online personalities for a bunch of brands you probably know. Stephanie and Dan had her in the studio to talk about social media at work, what is responsible “friending”, and acting like – you know – a grownup online. The conversation also starts to drift over into how we can protect our kids from the nefarious nonsense on the internet.

Fortyish 37 – Theresa Neumann talks nutrition

Back away from the Little Debbie and the Coke and get an ear load of what we SHOULD be doing both for ourselves and our families when it comes to what we put into our bodies. Theresa Neumann worked in marketing and her family had a few weird health problems – then she did some reading and switched her life focus to helping others better understand food and nutrition. Stephanie and Dan also address Dan’s impending mid-life crisis when it comes to his car. He doesn’t think it’s THAT much of a problem.

Fortyish 36 – Supporting Your Better Half In Their Career with Megan Bayles Bartley

Let’s be honest here – we’re mostly focused on ourselves. But a lot of us live with a spouse who, for better or worse, need some support with major life decisions. Rather than just spew nonsense, Stephanie and Dan invited show favorite Megan Bayles Bartley back in to discuss different approaches and tactics on doing right by your better half.



Fortyish 35 – Managing Different Personalities

Whether at work or at home, we always run across people with different personality traits. Some of this feeds into the current cacophony of the world at large, so Stephanie and Dan first weigh in on the division the country is experience right now before Dan lays out the four personality types as defined by author Gretchen Rubin. The discussion then evolves into the five love languages and how we give and receive affection.

Fortyish 34 – The 40-year old empty nester

Amy Board Higgs has a story – and if your kids are grown and gone, you’ll want to hear it! At 44, she’s finally in a place in life where she has time and space to herself and, well, that’s just fine with her. Listen in as Stephanie and Dan dive in to hear the details on this lady that’s living a totally different lifestyle at just about the same age as them.