Fortyish 3 – Day Trips Within 100 miles of Louisville

Sometimes a change will do you good, so Stephanie and Dan drop some knowledge on good stuff to do within a “there and back in one day” radius around Louisville. It’s a day tripper! Then they dive into the touchy and very adultish topic of saving money and teaching kids about how to value a dollar, which leads into very interesting words of wisdom, especially a nugget of advice that Dan’s dad left him.

Fortyish 2 – Adulting

It’s summer time so Stephanie and Dan run down outdoor stuff to do that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of (or maybe you have), plus it’s been a rough couple of weeks for Stephanie – so they dive into “adulting”, what that means, and how Stephanie has been dealing with the unpredictable stuff that life invariably brings.

Fortyish 1 – Good Eats With Kids In Tow

Stephanie and Dan kick off the new show with a quick introduction of themselves before diving into a chat with food critic and Eat, Drink, Talk co-host Steve Coomes about where you can take kids in Louisville that breaks out of the world of chicken fingers and mini corn dogs. Then they do a quick run down of summer plans around town before dropping great words of wisdom for getting things done and for a different way of looking at the end of the school year.