Fortyish 9 – Pokemon Go AWAY!

With hordes of people walking around staring at their phones looking for little virtual creatures, Stephanie and Dan dive into the Pokemon Go craze and how it’s infiltrating (or not infiltrating) their lives. They take a walk down memory lane with the video game systems of old and what their favorite games were before heading out to the street to ask people about their phones and what they use them for in a “People On The Street” segment.

Dan dives into his parenting fail of the week and puts Stephanie on the spot for something that she’s goofed up and, well, she has to dig pretty deep!

To wrap the show, the FLOTUS and Missy Elliot make an appearance in the “Words Of Wisdom” segment.

Fortyish 8 – Doing your own thing when life throws you a curveball

Stephanie, like many, is an accidental entrepreneur. She’s found success and so has her friend Betsey Waters, who runs a “fun family” blog in Lexington so the two sit down and chat for a few minutes. Also, Dan is having a rough day and the world has had a rough couple of weeks, so he and Stephanie also explore how to stay positive when the world is throwing you curve after curve.


Fortyish 7 – A Chat With A Millennial!

Stephanie and Dan welcome in the unofficial spokesperson for an entire generation – Aimee Jewell! They talk about perceptions vs. realities among both millennials and Gen Xers, what generations expect out of life, and who the musical spokesperson for each generation is. Plus, they all dive a little bit into the baby boomers with a few opinions.

In the Words Of Wisdom segment, Dan draws from the conversation with Aimee and Stephanie has a few words about streaming music.


Fortyish 6 – Living In A Blended Family with Logan and Melody Murphy

After a couple of weeks of vacation, Stephanie and Dan run down a few lessons they learned from travelling with their families – and how the sun can affect you. Then Logan and Melody Murphy (the Murphews!) sit in to talk about their experiences with romance, parenthood, and moving on in a second marriage.

Fortyish 5 – The On Demand Video Revolution

In a world of what you what, when you want it – Netflix and other streaming video services have changed the way we live our lives. Stephanie and Dan dive into how it has changed in their lifetimes and how it shapes the day-to-day experience inside of their families. As a bonus, we get a peek into Stephanie’s life as she interviews her 9-year old son and her mother about Netflix and what they think is so great about it. Plus, of course, Words Of Wisdom.

Fortyish 4 – What Do YOU Do With A Spare Day


With a house full of people, it’s very rare that you get a day with nothing on the calendar. When it happens…do you spontaneously have a day full of bucket-list activities or do you flop with the remote? Stephanie and Day weigh in and talk to people on the street to see how they fill a free day. They also dig into the necessity of “dating” your spouse and drop some knowledge on how to do it better before moving on to the weekly words of wisdom with regard to selflessness.

Fortyish 3 – Day Trips Within 100 miles of Louisville

Sometimes a change will do you good, so Stephanie and Dan drop some knowledge on good stuff to do within a “there and back in one day” radius around Louisville. It’s a day tripper! Then they dive into the touchy and very adultish topic of saving money and teaching kids about how to value a dollar, which leads into very interesting words of wisdom, especially a nugget of advice that Dan’s dad left him.

Fortyish 2 – Adulting

It’s summer time so Stephanie and Dan run down outdoor stuff to do that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of (or maybe you have), plus it’s been a rough couple of weeks for Stephanie – so they dive into “adulting”, what that means, and how Stephanie has been dealing with the unpredictable stuff that life invariably brings.

Fortyish 1 – Good Eats With Kids In Tow

Stephanie and Dan kick off the new show with a quick introduction of themselves before diving into a chat with food critic and Eat, Drink, Talk co-host Steve Coomes about where you can take kids in Louisville that breaks out of the world of chicken fingers and mini corn dogs. Then they do a quick run down of summer plans around town before dropping great words of wisdom for getting things done and for a different way of looking at the end of the school year.