Fortyish 18 – We Love The ’80s and ’90s

Nostalgia is fun, right? Stephanie and Dan talk about things from their youth that stuck with them – including a TV show from Nickelodeon that was super important to Stephanie. Then Dan takes out the portable recorded to talk with people on the street to see what they remember. It was also gig night for Dan and his band Side Show John, which inspired his words of wisdom for the week.

Here’s the link to Stephanie’s Nickelodeon appearance:

Fortyish 17 – The middle aged identity crisis

After experiencing some dental discomfort and realizing that insurance is tricky, Stephanie and Dan talk about a few ways to save some dollars here and there, including what you can do with the family in Lexington on a “free day”. Then, Dan wonders if there are parts of people that formerly helped define who they are but have gotten left behind in life as things evolved. How can we recapture those things to get in touch with who we thought we were? All this plus more Words Of Wisdom to help you through your week.

Fortyish 16 – A chat with Megan Bayles Bartley, LMFT

Dealing with life at 40ish always presents challenges that people at other ages just don’t face. Yes, we’re wise, but we surely don’t know it all! That’s when somebody like Megan Bayles Bartley, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist comes in handy. Stephanie and Dan bring her in and give her the third degree on some relationship stuff, anger management stuff, and touch on the very-hot topic of mindfulness. Then in an odd twist of the universe, Stephanie and Dan have complementary Words Of Wisdom without even planning it! Nice!

Fortyish 15 – Life Before The Internet

Stephanie saw an article that got her thinking about Generation X being the last generation to know life before the internet AND have to dive headfirst into life after the internet. Who better to ask about this phenomenon than Jason Falls, a fella who saw the web and conquered it. Stephanie, Jason, and Dan hash through some of the implications of living online and the benefits of unplugging for awhile. This before Dan turns to a very unlikely (and some might say questionable) source for his words of wisdom.

Fortyish 14 – Focused On Fall

As the seasons change, Stephanie and Dan reflect on what they fondly remember from the autumns of their youth – Dan doesn’t remember much and Stephanie is ALL ABOUT IT. Then they each talk to their kids about their current impressions of the season and it doesn’t necessarily involve pumpkin lattes.

Fortyish 13 – Fit At 40

Dan’s headed out for the “Bropocalypse” on a weekend at the lake with his friends and waxes poetic on why that’s important for guys – then Stephanie commits to doing more stuff with her friends. It’s no secret that the older you get, the harder it is to maintain your health and a healthy weight and people of different ages do it for different reasons, Stephanie and Dan welcome in Michelle Nichols from Baptist Milestone Wellness Center to dish out some facts and tips on how to do it better.

Stephanie enjoyed the Olympics every night and draws some wisdom from watching one very gifted athlete in particular and Dan lays down some advice that draws from other stuff they discuss earlier in the show.

Fortyish 12 – Staying Stylish in your 40s and movies from our childhood

Style is elusive, so Stephanie and Dan have Heidi Potter from Style Blueprint come by the studio to discuss staying stylish in your 40s, how to build a solid wardrobe, and a nice tip on saving some bucks. Then the dive into movies they loved as a kid that they CAN’T WAIT to watch with their own kids (and Dan’s list is extensive).

Fortyish 11 – What Did You Do For You For Your 40th?

It’s been a few years, but Dan certainly remembers his 40th birthday party fondly and gives a few ideas for what makes a good party, which makes Stephanie take great notes for her inevitable soiree. The people on the street weigh in with what they did (or plan to do) for their parties. Stephanie then shares her impression of what the meaning of “midlife crisis” is which prompts Dan to get into all the stuff that happened to him during his big year before they dive into the Weekly Words Of Wisdom.

Fortyish 10 – LouVino is new in Louisville

They talk to the world, but they live in Louisville so Stephanie and Dan invite their mutual friend Chad Coulter into the studio to chat up the new location of his restaurant called LouVino. The studio A/C was out, so there’s a little bit of heat chat too. Dan has been dealing with a little bit of “adulting” of his own (and at 44-years old, it’s about time) and Stephanie lays out some highly applicable Words Of Wisdom that correspond with T.H.I.N.K.

Fortyish 9 – Pokemon Go AWAY!

With hordes of people walking around staring at their phones looking for little virtual creatures, Stephanie and Dan dive into the Pokemon Go craze and how it’s infiltrating (or not infiltrating) their lives. They take a walk down memory lane with the video game systems of old and what their favorite games were before heading out to the street to ask people about their phones and what they use them for in a “People On The Street” segment.

Dan dives into his parenting fail of the week and puts Stephanie on the spot for something that she’s goofed up and, well, she has to dig pretty deep!

To wrap the show, the FLOTUS and Missy Elliot make an appearance in the “Words Of Wisdom” segment.