Rusty Satellite 125 – Cathi Bingaman and Ted Loebenberg

RS125TedLoebenbergDo you run out of hours before you run out of things you need to get done? If so, you might be interested in the services provided by Cathi Bingaman, an engaging entrepreneur who will do almost any task for you. With the holidays upon us, Csthi can make your life a little less hectic, even if you just need someone to go to the grocery for you.

Now in its fifth year, the Free Coat Exchange keeps growing and growing, thanks to the energy of Ted Leobenberg. The sharply-dressed man runs an auction business, but spends plenty of time planning for the day after Thanksgiving, when thousands of locals get new coats donated at eight sites around town.

There’s some interesting news about some local personalities — listen in to hear about WAVE’s Janelle MacDonald’s plans, Kristin Walls’ dress, the political plans of Matt Jones and Ben Jackey’s return to WLKY. Plus, after his appearance on last week’s Rusty show, Tom Owen announced this week which way he’s going in regard to running for his Metro Council seat. There’s a big football game in Lexington, but a better game will take place Friday in Bowling Green. Listen in on a great episode of The Rusty Satellite Show.

Louisville Uncovered 2 – Rebecca Eaves and Rocco Gasparro

roccoOn this week’s show, Cyndy speaks to Rebecca Eaves, founder of The Arrow Fund, which is dedicated to increasing public awareness of all forms of animal cruelty by providing veterinary care and support to animal victims of extreme torture, abuse, and neglect and encourage prosecution of abusers. You’ll also listen in as Cyndy gets an inside look in the University of Louisville athletics department, with assistant information director Rocco Gasparro with the Cardinal Football program.

Rusty Satellite 124 – Tom Owen and Paul Tuell

RS124TomOwenMy favorite bicycle-riding historian, Tom Owen, sat down at Metro Hall with me and I had one big question – why in the heck does he want to close the bars down at 2 a.m.? But that wasn’t all we discussed in our entertaining 12 minutes, and I sure hope he decides to file the paperwork for another term on the Council.

Paul Tuell took me on a WhiskeyAdventure at Sidebar, explaining the business of bringing a new whiskey brand to market. He should know after 20 years or so at Brown-Forman. Tuell’s Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey has only been at your local bar for a few weeks, and I think as word spreads it’s going to gain a huge following.

Of course, I recorded this show while on Percocet. Dr. George Quill performed successful surgery on my ankle on Monday, and I’m homebound for a while on pain-killing drugs. In between binge-watching TV, I noticed news about the Courier-Journal and the University of Louisville, and helped launch a new podcast on the network — Louisville Uncovered.

Louisville Uncovered 1 – Lee Pennington

LUReynoldsBroadusWelcome to the first episode of Louisville Uncovered, the Podcast. Hosted by Cyndy Tandy, each episode features little-known but informative and entertaining stories about Louisville, Ky. In the first show, Cyndy welcomes former Kentucky poet laureate Lee Pennington, who shares the story of his documentary about Bosnian pyramids. The film debuts in Louisville on Nov. 17. In the second part of the show, Cyndy visits with Eddie Reynolds, program director for the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky, and Pamela Broadus, event coordinator for the upcoming Brain Ball.

Rusty Satellite 122 – Danny Flanigan and Stacey Vicari

rs122DannyFlaniganDanny Flanigan says there’s a distinctive “Louisville Sound” that comes from our unique location — mixing Nashville country with blues, rock and folk. He should know, because he’s been playing it for 25 years with his band the Rain Chorus. And listen in as he talks about the 10 years he’s been doing a Songwriters Showcase at Clifton’s Pizza every Tuesday night.

I asked Stacey Vicari what you have to do to become a renowned Life Coach — listen in for her answer, and more about the dynamic practice she began here 15 years ago.

In the news, there’s a new governor coming to town, and things will be different in the Matt Bevin administration. I, for one, am looking forward to watching it and wishing I was a beat reporter. There’s also news on the Economy Inn and some special events coming up — including the Breatkfast of Champions Nov. 10. Download the podcast and hear all about it.

Rusty Satellite 121 – Tara Conner and Skip Miller

RS121SkipMillerWhen she talks about her story, Russell Springs, Ky. native Tara Conner uses the term “Mess USA” to describe the type of person she was at Miss USA back in 2006 — before she found help for her addiction problem and straightened out her life. Today she’s an accomplished professional who speaks about addiction to all sorts of groups — including the group gathered for a big event in Louisville this week sponsored by Passport Health Plan and organized by The Healing Place. The problem of heroin addiction is growing, and we talk about that, plus I get Tara’s opinion on Donald Trump, who gave her a break and got her into rehab back in 2006. You’ll be surprised by her point of view.

Skip Miller has been running the Regional Airport Authority for 12 years — and with few bumps in the road. We talk about travel issues in Louisville and how the industry has changed as air travel in Louisville has grown. Skip will be the featured speaker Nov. 10 at the Breakfast of Champions event at the University Club, and you’re welcome to attend.

The scandal story at U of L continues to make headlines, though I believe listening to talk radio about the issue can actually lower your intelligence. This week, Katina Powell attorney Larry Wilder gave an interview that got lots of attention, saying that Powell won’t be talking to anyone else about the events without immunity from prosecution. The election for Kentucky governor is next Tuesday, and I’m more against Bevin that for Conway. You’ll notice the FFA is in town, and its Breeders Cup weekend. All that and more on another exciting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 120 – Tony Palombino and Marti Kuehn/Jessica Kincaid

Is hot chicken a fad or a trend in the restaurant industry. Tony Palombino is betting it’s a trend, based on the wildly successful opening of Joella’s on Frankfort Avenue. Hear about Tony’s life in the restaurant business, and how he came up with Tony Boombozz as the name of his chain of Taphouses on the show.

RS120TonyPalombinoArt is a big thing here, and Louisville Visual Art and the University of Louisville are teaming up to create a great event — Open Studio. You’ll be able to visit more than 100 artists in their studios around town, including the work of Marti Kuehn, who I learned spends her mornings painting and the rest of her day organizing for Louisville Visual Art’s big gala coming up soon. She hosted me at the organization’s new digs in Portland, along with Jessica Kincaid of U of L.

Really, there’s only one story being discussed in town this week — the sex/prostitute/college basketball story at U of L. It was the topic of a full day of coverage on ESPN Tuesday, as the bombshell exploded with Katina Powell granting interviews with lurid details. My view, which you can read on, is that the scandal is going to cost the school dearly in terms of lost revenue and fans. Meanwhile, there’s a football game at home this weekend that no one is talking about. Here about this and more on this 120th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 119 – John Dant and the Art Sanctuary Trio

RS119JohnDantYou may not know John Dant, but you’ve probably been a guest at the Back Door. With so many local establishments closing their doors, it’s refreshing to see a bar that’s been around for 30 years still going strong. And I met Bill Page, the muralist who paints all the walls there. He took my photo and promised to put me in the newest mural. John is participating in the Bardstown Road Boo Fest on Oct. 24, and hosts the city’s coolest Halloween Party.

In Germantown, there’s a huge and aptly-named haven for local artists — the Art Sanctuary. I went there and spoke with Britany Baker, Rita Cameron and Lisa Frye about all the events and activities going on there. I also got a nice tour of an Andy Warhol-related photography exhibit. You should really check it out. I’ll tell you about Josh Redding’s wedding, the Los Lonely Boys concert and a cool Jeffersontown Chamber event.

In the news, a new section of the Louisville Loop opens, and an exciting new park in the East End. Best of all, there was an announcement about the new downtown bridge opening earlier than expected. I’ve got scandal fatigue, but there’s still news to report on what’s going on with the University of Lousville and, shall we call it Stripper-Gate? All this and more on a new episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 118 – Josh Redding and Dr. Ali Haider

RS118JoshReddingIt’s a big week in the Redding family — my son Josh is getting married on Saturday. Josh is a U of L Speed School graduate and we’re all proud of him — and looking forward to his wedding to Sarah and having her as part of our family. Josh and I talk about that, his recent interview at Google and his take on the U of L scandal.

Dr. Ali Haider doesn’t have to go to Third World countries to perform eye surgery, but he makes it his mission. And now he’s helped start a non-profit dedicated to making sure people in faraway villages, including in his native Pakistan, don’t go blind with cataracts. And his group from World Sight Inc., recently took on a big fund-raising project – climbing to the top of Mt. Kilamanjaro.

Of course, the big story in town is the fallout from a woman’s accusations about U of L basketball — her story is that she was paid more than $10,000 to provide escorts to basketball recruits — a potentially devastating revelation. But there are plenty of holes in her story, all of which is playing out in local media. In other news, this week features an NBA exhibition, a play opening at Actors and the Ironman Triathlon. Thanks for downloading the show.

Rusty Satellite 117 – Laura Melillo Barnum and Mary Ellen Wiederwohl

rs117MaryEllenWYou could make a case that Laura Melillo Barnum and Mary Ellen Wiederwohl are two of the most dynamic and important women in Louisville, and they’re both on the Rusty Satellite this week. Laura is organizing the celebration of Yum! Brands’ 18th birthday by trying to get 9 tons of food donated at Yum’s annual food drive on Oct. 9. The energetic dynamo heads up Yum’s Foundation, which reaches around the globe to fight hunger. Before moving to Louisville 20 years ago, she was in a high-profile position as a spokesperson in the Reagan and Bush White Houses.

Mary Ellen Wiederwohl’s name is always mentioned around town when it comes to wondering who will succeed Greg Fischer as Mayor. While that’s at least six years away, Wiederwohl has a pretty good job now – as chief of Louisville Forward, the city’s economic development arm. That puts here square in the middle of discussions about the downtown Convention Center, the planned Omni Hotel and dozens of other projects in all parts of the Metro. Not bad for someone who studied music in college.

In other news, I checked out the progress of Turkey Run Park, set to open this month, by bike. Joe’s Older Than Dirt is closing, but will be replaced by something cooler. The LEO Weekly Best of Louisville awards came out, and the list of activities for the weekend is vast — from the St. James Court Art Show to the Idea Festival to playoff soccer at Slugger Field. Hear about it all right here on the Rusty Satellite Show.