EDT 1 – Michael Crouch and Marianne Barnes

EDT1MarianneBarnesThis could be the start of something big. Join acclaimed food writer Steve Coomes and reporter Rick Redding for an entertaining podcast focused on the city’s incredible restaurant and bar scene. In the first show, Steve sits down with executive chef Michael Crouch of Bistro 1860 and talks about his cooking style and the upcoming Death Row Meal, in May. Rick takes a trip to Woodford County to talk with Master Distiller Marianne Barnes of Castle & Key, soon to be producing a broad line of spirits. Let us know what you think of the show by emailing Steve@eatdrinktalk.net or Rick@eatdrinktalk.net, or come out and see us May 18 at the 3rd Turn Brewery in Jeffersontown for the Cocktails with Champions, starting at 5:30.

Rusty Satellite 149 – Greg Hayden/Paul Tuell and Steve Coomes

RS149RickSteveIf you haven’t been out to Jeffersontown to check out the 3rd Turn Brewery, now’s the time to do it. Greg Hayden and his partners have built a great outdoor patio right next to the old church building. In this show, Greg joins with Ballotin Whiskey founder Paul Tuell to talk about the May 18 Cocktails with Champions event. Plus, it benefits the Bike MS event.

Also, I’m starting a brand new project with my friend Steve Coomes. It’s called EatDrinkTalk, and our first podcast debuts Friday. Steve’s the city’s best-known food and dining writer, and has interests in spirits as well. We talk about what we’re going to talk about on the new show.

Thanks to hearing Harry Pickens at the Breakfast of Champions, I’m thinking a lot more positively these days, and I go over that on the show. It’s a great episode, so download it now.

Rusty Satellite 148 – Faith, Joy and Hope Yascone; Harry Pickens

Yes, it’s Derby weekend and the 142nd Run for the Roses is Saturday. I hope you cash some tickets at the track. In hopes of getting some good luck, I surrounded myself with Faith, Hope and Love — aka the Yascone sisters — who with their Mom Glenda are hosting several Derby events and providing a place to stay for Star Jones. And I ask them to show off their musical talents as well.

Speaking of music, Harry Pickens actually played piano on stage with Dizzy Gillespice and other legends of the jazz world. Now a resident of Louisville, Harry talks to me about his personal coaching business that sprung from his struggle to get over stage fright. Harry will be the speaker at our Breakfast of Champions event next week, on Tuesday, May 10.

Also, I’ll discuss my Derby event schedule and even a couple of issues in the news. There’s now a controversy and a lawsuit that’s delaying the removal of the Confederate Stature on the U of L campus, and JCPS administrative personnel, who have long been overpaid, are upset about the prospect of a salary freeze as JCPS attempts to reform its finances. All on a Derby episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 147 – John Asher & Bob Batch with Mark Klein.

RS147JohnAsherJohn Asher will tell anyone who listens that he’s living his dream — as VP of Racing Communications at Churchill Downs he gets to do all sorts of fun stuff, from coordinating media interviews to standing in the Winners Circle for every race on Derby Day. He talks with me about the Breeders Cup coming to town in 2018. And he tells me why his record for picking Derby winners is so poor.

Bob Batch and Mark Klein are a rare species in the comedy world — they’ve made a living telling jokes for decades. Derby Week they’re getting together at the Laughing Derby at the Comedy Caravan for four shows that will give you the giggles, like I got when they came into the studio.

Even though it’s Derby Week, I’m already thinking beyond it for the Breakfast of Champions May 10, featuring Harry Pickens. And in May my Cocktails with Champions comes to the 3rd Turn Brewery in Jtown, pretty close to my house. In the news, Mayor Bill Dieruf of Jtown announced a program that will help get addicts off the streets. And since you’re probably hosting Derby guests, listen in I get all fired up about the ridiculous regulations our Metro Council officials are considering for Airbnb hosts. All that and more fun on the Rusty Satellite Show!

Rusty Satellite 146 – Joey Wagner and Jennie Rees

Joey Wagner’s the kind of guy who can get you things, so I spent part of our interview asking him for tickets to just a few of his Derby-related events coming up. One of those is Jocktails, featuring jockeys as bartenders, as the Ice House on Wednesday of Derby Week. Joey’s got a long history of throwing great parties, and listen as I try to get him to name-drop some of the celebs coming to town this year.

If you know anything about horses, it’s probably because you’ve read Jennie Rees coverage in the Courier-Journal during the last three decades. Jennie took a buyout from the C-J, but she’s busier than ever working in the racing industry. I caught up with her on the backside.

In the news about the news, Melissa Swan was one of about a dozen WHAS-TV staffers who took buyouts and left the station last week, and a similar thing happened to a half-dozen professionals at iHeart Media. Our current and former governors are feuding over what is obviously some corrupt occurrences during the Beshear administration. My friend Chris Theineman gets his day in courts, and the courts sell Will Russell’s Funtown Mountain. Plus, a bunch of events you should know about are coming up. It’s all on the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 145 – Chasta Feller and Bill Doolittle

RS145BillDoolittleIt’s a Derby-themed episode of the Rusty Satellite Show, with two Derby guests sandwiched around a few minutes of local politics. First up is Chasta Feller, a delightful “Fun Enthusiast” at Mint Julep Tours. Chasta talks about her journey home after spending a few years giving tours all across the country, and how she sparks enthusiasm for hundreds of tour guests this month.
While I was away in Arizona, the local zoning board held a marathon hearing about Airbnb properties. Since I knew my friend John Gilderbloom was there, I asked him to come in and summarize the arguments. John also told me about his upcoming New York Times piece which will explain why Louisville ranks near the bottom of national statistics on life expectancy.
You’d have a hard time finding anyone with more Kentucky Derby expertise that Bill Doolittle, who hasn’t missed one Lucky Debonair got the roses in 1965. His new book features amazing new technology that allows you to see video on your phone related to the copy in the book. You can read Bill’s Derby prediction (he’s gotten the last 4 right) in LEO Weekly, but he gave me a tip right here.

Rusty Satellite 144 – Barbara Sexton Smith and Summer Auerbach

RS144RRBarbaraIt’s spring break week for a lot of Louisvillians, but for the rest of us it’s business as usual. And that means talking to some great local personalities on the Rusty Satellite Show. Barbara Sexton Smith had already accomplished a great deal when she left the Fund for the Arts a few years back, but now she’s determined to play a role in the city’s business as a Metro Council member, representing a diverse district that includes downtown. In her “re-wirement” she’s out on the campaign trail and knocking on doors.
If you go to Summer Auerbach’s office upstairs at the St. Matthews store, you’ll see framed prints of stories written about her by nearly every publication in town, so it’s a wonder it took so long to have her on this show. Summer got on board early and served as president of the Louisville Independent Business Association, and may be the city’s greatest advocate for buying your stuff locally. Listen in to hear the story of how Keep Louisville Weird got started and continues today.
In the news, I can’t understand why members of the U of L Board of Trustees continue to support the Courier-Journal and President James Ramsey by buying full-page ads. They’re making a bad point —that despite Ramsey’s shenanigans with the U of L Foundation and overpaying subordinates, while enduring one scandal after another and even wearing a sombrero at a party — they’re all about keeping him in place. And spending their media dollars on full-page ads in the C-J just shows how out of touch they are with modern methods of communication. I’m looking forward to a few days in Arizona, but I’ll be back with another Rusty episode next week.

Rusty Satellite 143 – Donna Brothers and Jeaneen Barnhart

RS143JeaneenBarnhartAbout 50 years ago, two women who would make their mark in the world of horses and end up in Louisville were born about 2,000 miles apart. Donna Brothers was born in New Mexico and later become one of the top female jockeys of all time, with 1,130 wins. Today she’s one of the stars of NBC’s horse racing coverage, riding her pony over to get the first word from the winning jockey in the Derby. She’s also the COO of a major racing stable, Starlight Racing, featured on this show last year.

Jeaneen Barnhart and her twin sister Doreen were born and raised in Miami. The sisters came to the attention of the local art community when their work was selected as the official Kentucky Derby Festival poster in 1994. Jeaneen says her favorite subjects are horses and naked people. Not only does her work grace the walls of many prominent locals, it has been featured in two national TV shows. I’ve got a Barnhart print prominently displayed in my home, a gift from Paula.

Speaking of people prominent in the horse industry nearing 50, this week jockey Calvin Borel announced his retirement from racing. And in Louisville, even when we don’t have a rooting interest, it seems everyone’s TV is tuned to the NCAA Tournament. Also in the show, listen in to find out how to win a Rusty Satellite Show bluetooth speaker.

Rusty Satellite 142 – Ed Jerdonek and Brandon Bailey

RS142EdJerdonek2If you don’t know what all the fuss is about “SoBro”, listen in as Luckett & Farley CEO Ed Jerdonek explains just some of the exciting plans he’s got in mind for the area south of Broadway, where the offices of Luckett & Farley are located.

Brandon Bailey is a local remodeler who has chosen to give back to the community by participating in YouthBuild, a non-profit which provides a double benefit for the community. Bailey teaches sometimes-troubled young people how to work in a trade and build an actual house. The houses they build, though, are miniatures that are provided to developmentally-disabled young people, and can be set up in their family’s back yard. It’s a real win-win for all involved, and something you should know about.

In the news — a shocking announcement for Jeffersontown residents came Tuesday when Gov. Matt Bevin tapped Chief Rick Sanders to be head of the Kentucky State Police. While we’re not cheering on any local teams in basketball tournaments (sorry, IU fans, I don’t really count you), there’s plenty of hoops news with the South Regional being played at the Yum! Center. Also, I join the speculation on who should be the next coach at WKU. Join me for a great episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.