Rusty Satellite 136 – Mark Prussian and Laura Snyder

RS136LauraSnyderRusty’s feeling the love this Valentine’s week with two great guests. As CEO of the Eye Care Institute, Mark Prussian has his hands full running the operation, but he’s also active in plenty of community endeavors. And he’s involved in a big one this month with the Jewish Film Festival, and the Feb. 11 premiere of Rosenwald, one of a dozen films in the festival.

Laura Snyder just got a big promotion — to publisher of LEO Weekly. This week’s issue asks and answers the big question — How Kinky is Louisville? Laura fills me in on her plans for LEO’s future, which goes well beyond the kinky stuff to reinvigorating the weekly’s journalism chops.

I’ve got a lot of other news to share — including news of the March 2 Cocktails with Champions event at O’Shea’s in the Highlands, with the Danny Flanigan Trio signed on to entertain. Also, on March 8 it’s another Breakfast of Champions, this time with Robbie Valentine, who you heard on this show a month ago. I weigh on with some thoughts on the U of L sex scandal, and the talk radio reaction to it. Speaking of scandal, did you hear about the ouster of Tracy Blue over at the Voice-Tribune? I’ve got all that and more on the Rusty Satellite – thanks for downloading the show.

Rusty Satellite 135 – Trevor Cravens and Jon Fleischaker

RS135TrevorCravensIt’s not just the biggest beer event around here, but the upcoming Tailspin Ale Fest is getting national attention. And one reason is the presence here of Trevor Cravens, who started the Bowman Field with Tisha Gainey three years ago. Cravens is also the president of DRAFT magazine, a national publication for craft beer enthusiasts.

I’ve known Jon Fleischaker since the 1990s, when he was the lawyer my editors at Business First used to call to make sure my stories wouldn’t get the paper sued. Then I took him on unsuccessfully on the racquetball court. We’ve both retired from racquetball, but Jon is still the leading authority in Kentucky on First Amendment issues. He’s the first call for nearly every media organization in the state when it comes to a legal question.

I’ve got a big announcement this week — March 2 is the date for the first-ever Cocktails with Champions event. I’m partnering with Ballotin Whiskey to introduce you to some cool cocktails at O’Shea’s on March 2. There’s plenty of other news and notes about the most interesting people in the ‘Ville, so download and enjoy!

Louisville Uncovered 4 – Lindsay English and Rick Redding

Cyndy gets together with Lindsay English, communications director for the Kentucky Derby Museum, to find out how one of the city’s coolest tourist attractions is getting ready for a busy Derby season. And she talks with Rusty Satellite Show host Rick Redding about the weather, and the way we react to snow around here.

Rusty Satellite 134 – David Yates and the Va Va Vixens

RS134DavidYatesFor David Yates, it’s taken just six years to go from being the greenest, youngest Metro Council rookie to the President’s Office, where he will be leading the city’s 26 Council Members through what promises to be a tumultuous and exciting year. I talked with him as he was moving in to the 1st Floor office reserved for the President. We talked about getting along well with others, that pesky Airbnb ordnance, and what’s going in his South End district.

Lisa Frye seems to be getting the hang of producing the Va Va Vixen burlesque shows. She’d done three a year for a while now, but says the Va Va Vunderland production coming to Headliners in February may be the most thrilling yet. I talked with her and two of the show’s stars, Lee Ann Cooper and Deanna Von Calvert, aka Dita DeVille and Fifi La Femme, for a preview. Listen in as Dita and Fifi try their show accents out on me.

In the news, there was plenty — the GLI annual meeting, the Governor’s State of the Commonwealth Address, the deadline for filing to run for office, the groundbreaking for the Omni Hotel. But the real eye-catcher was a local Lyft driver whose passenger gave birth during a ride. Don’t forget to join us at Meta downtown for Ballotin Buzz and Blues from 5-7 p.m.

Rusty Satellite 133 – Stephen Reily and Jeremy Johnson

RS133StephenReilyIt’s no surprise that Stephen Reily has joined the crowded field of candidates to replace Tom Owen as the 8th District Metro Councilman. Reily, a graduate of Yale and the Stanford Law School, is a highly successful entrepreneur and community builder, a member of numerous local boards — and is very approachable. Listen in to hear why he’s trying his hand at local politics.

Jeremy Johnson is just 34, but to hear the list of places he’s plied his talent as a bartender is amazing, and he squeezed it in during 12 years in which he toured the world as a rock and roll band member. Now he’s got his own place, Meta, in a downtown building that’s housed a grocery, camera shop and strip club. He’s hosting a big benefit Jan. 28, featuring some great live music and drinks made with Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey. Listen in as I ask what people are drinking these days.

School officials freaked out over Wednesday 3-inch snowfall, and we’ve got another blast coming. I’ve got a Netflix recommendation — Making a Murderer — a good binge-watch candidate if you’re staying in due to the snow. All that and more on this episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 132 – Marc Murphy and Mike Ward

rs132MikeWardI love how powerful political cartoons are, and how they get such strong reactions, especially from those who disagree with the message. Marc Murphy, a mild-mannered attorney by day, loves it when his Courier-Journal drawings get people thinking about the political issues of the day. And these are good times for Marc, who says that the new gov, Matt Bevin, is easy to draw.

It doesn’t make sense to me that Kentucky is not among the leading states in legalizing marijuana, and we’ve got some backward rural legislators to blame for that. But Mike Ward, former U.S. Congressman, has formed an organization to do something about that. Ward’s new organization, Legalize Kentucky Now, is pushing to get medial marijuana legalized in Kentucky.
In the news, listen for my take, and my thank you, for wasting your money on the Powerball, and a new story shows that the St. Matthews Police must have been making up all that stuff about a juvenile crime wave that led to a new policy at the Mall. I can tell you why you should take Uber or Lyft the next time you go out, and help you become a driver yourself. And finally, we had a successful Breakfast of Champions with Theresa Reno-Weber, one my guests on last week’s show. Thanks for downloading the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 131 – Theresa Reno-Weber and Robbie Valentine

rs131TheresaReno-WeberThe Rusty Satellite Show starts 2016 off with a bang with two great guests. Theresa Reno-Weber is the Chief of Performance & Technology in the Mayor’s Office, which may be a fancy way to saying she’s in charge of making local government lean and mean. She’s come to Louisville with a fascinating resume which includes jumping out of airplanes and leading a Coast Guard team on a cutter in the Middle East. And she’s a mother to three young people, and runs marathons. On Tuesday, Jan. 12, she’ll be our speaker at the Breakfast of Champions at the University Club at 7:30 a.m. — join us and meet Theresa in person there.

I want to have Robbie Valentine on the show just to talk about the dream job he has at the Yum! Center, but after the events at Mall St. Matthews Dec. 26 I wanted to get his perspective on that event. Valentine has spent the 30 years since helping U of L win a national basketball title working with and motivating young people in this community, and he has plenty to say about their perspective and attitude.

Plus I have a thing or two to say about Rick Pitino’s latest outburst, and there were a few big first-of-the-year announcements involving Rusty Satellite Show alumni. So download the podcast and get set for a great 2016 with the Show.

Rusty Satellite 130 – 2015 In Review

Rusty Satellite’s 2015 Year in Review It’s time to take a look back at the most interesting people in the ‘Ville in 2015 — and I’ve invited Cyndy Tandy, a guest on Show #1, to join me in the studio.

In 2015, the show took me to a bar, a boat, a museum, a kitchen, a hotel, a university, a racetrack, a TV station and even a doctor’s office or two. I talked with a diaper lady, a martial arts expert, a beauty queen, a cellist, a disc jockey, an ex-jockey, an Underdog and an auctioneer. There was the well-known A.D., a trio of weather guys, an ex-QB, a soccer GM, and the mouth of UK sports. I spoke with politicians and comedians, coaches and a Chai distributor. Bourbon-themed guests included a tour guide, an attraction host and the man behind chocolate-flavored whiskey. And we met the city’s dynamic chocolatier.

RS107DavidTandyrs82KatieGeorge2There were entrepreneurs who make sheets, potato chips and whiskey — a diaper fairy, a world-renowned photographer and a life coach. I introduced you to my people — my girlfriend, two of my sons, my foot doctor, my golf fitness guy, my other fitness doc, my technology guru and my favorite musicians and bar owners. I talked to storytellers in media and those who bring you local art. There were folks who do good work and those who make your life easier, or better, or who entertain you. All right here in my hometown, Louisville, KY.

Join me and Cyndy as we look back on the Most Interesting People in the ‘Ville in 2015.