Rusty Satellite 116 – Caleb Payne and Kiley Parker

RS116CalebPayneIt’s hard to understand what gets into people who decide to hike the Appalachian Trail, start to finish, Georgia to Maine. But Caleb Payne had wanted to do it since he was a kid. Then he found out he had cancer, and made it a mission to get on the Trail and finish, and has raised nearly $13,000 for the Colon Cancer Prevention Project along the way. His story is a great one, and you’ll want to hear it.

For Kiley Parker, making the short feature film “The Baby Shower” was a labor of love, an opportunity to highlight the heightened sense drama women seem to embrace when they’re talking about babies with no husbands around. You can see her film, and several others, at the IF Film festival next week. Kiley also produced the documentary “Raising Ms. President” which has own acclaim across the country.

Who’s in the news? For one, Jennifer Lawrence. The actress is getting her own Hometown Heroes banner at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. Then there’s Will Russell, who finds himself in jail down in Hart County…again. This week I saw Dracula at Actors Theatre, and highly recommend it. The Breakfast of Champions at the University Club featured Tom Jurich, who put to rest any thoughts that he might leave for Texas. There was an interesting conversation with Dr. Ali Haider. Join me this weekend at the NuLu Festival. And the Snelling Staffing Job of the Week is for a professional draftsman.

Rusty Satellite 115 – Mike Maloney, Dennie Humphrey, Todd Moore and Hannah Wemitt

RS115HannahWemittYes, Louisville is a fun town, and Rusty is experiencing it with some of the most interesting people around. This week’s show answers the questions, sort of, that’s been on the minds of NuLu watchers for more than a year — When is that new bar going on open in Maloney’s place. The team behind it – Mike Maloney, Dennie Humphrey and Todd Moore — failed to provide an open date, but did give me a great tour of the progress going on there. And they’re also behind the continuation of a long-time local event, the Great Chili Cook-Off. Held for more than two decades at the Phoenix Hill Tavern, the Cook-off attracts a hundreds cooks with chili recipes. Now that Phoenix Hill is closed, our trio is working to move it to the Belvedere. I’m working them on letting me be a judge. If you haven’t been, be sure and take your kids to see one of Stage One’s productions down at the Bomhard Theatre. Hannah Wemitt, director of marketing and PR for the organization, is putting on a big party of Gordon Biersch Brewery at Fourth Street Live! next week. You’ll also learn about the history of the Bomhard and how you can audition to be in a show. This weekend it’s the U of L – Clemson game on Thursday, plus the Jeffersontown Gaslight Festival, and a special Sunday dinner I’ll tell you about in Shelbyville. It’s all in this 115th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Louisville Family Fun 62 – Fall Festivals In Louisville

loufallfestsIt’s post Labor Day in Louisville so that means the slew of fall festivals begins. Each year, publishes a long list of all of the awesome fall festivals for families so you can take your pick.  Tune in as Stephanie and Maggie discuss their favorites and give some tips.  See the list here:



Episode 75 – Startup LIVE! with Todd Earwood, Emily Gimmel, Zack Pennington


The Louisville Free Public Library is now offering the Treehouse online learning tools to anybody with a library card, and to kick off that service Dan recorded a live panel discussion with’s Todd Earwood, The Graceship’s Emily Gimmel, and U.S. Chia’s Zack Pennington. It’s a hour-long discussion with three seasoned entrepreneurs about where they got their interest in entrepreneurship, their biggest challenge they’ve faced, and plenty of great advice on getting something started.