Rusty Satellite 231 – Faith Hope Yascone and Lenny Mello

Join me as I speak with Faith Hope Yascone, a delightful personality who has been successfully renting properties on Airbnb since 2013. Faith and her sisters Joy and Hope are especially exciting about the Christmas season, and showed off the beautiful decorations in their Old Louisville home.

You’ll also hear from one of the 50 best golf fitness instructors in the U.S., according to Golf Digest magazine. Lenny Mello’s business in the Louisville Tennis Center has grown dramatically since we first met three years ago.

Meanwhile, I’m fighting City Hall. I learned that Jeffersontown’s Code Enforcement department targeted me and one other property in the city for violation of its archaic short-term lease law. This occurred after a complaint from a neighbor at the other property, who could site no actual harm, just wrote of his extensive FEAR that something bad might happen in the house next door. And there had been zero complaints at my property. I suspect the Good Ole Boy network in Jtown is now on full alert is selectively citing citizens it has a beef with, for one reason or another.

In all, quite a episode worthy of your listening time. Thanks for paying attention, and please feel free to get in touch any time.

Rusty Satellite 230 – Valle Jones and Rob Locke

Have you noticed all the progress on Whiskey Row? It’s been a long time coming, and a tribute to the perseverance of Valle Jones, the force behind the development of one of the city’s most important blocks. Just this week, it was announced that two new Marriott-branded hotels will be built, joining announced projects that include two restaurants, a speakeasy and luxury apartments. Listen in to hear the latest on Whiskey Row.

The positive momentum in the West End couldn’t happen without affordable housing options for residents, and that is, among other things, why Rob Locke is intent on helping people find homes through Habitat for Humanity. We talked at the organization’s awesome Bank Street headquarters in Portland.

In my world, my city of Jeffersontown is attempting to stand in the way of progress by enforcing an absolute ban on short-term rental housing. It’s a fight I’m preparing to fight with city officials, who are so wrong-headed in going against technology and progress that it makes me ill. In other news of former Rusty Satellite guests – Winston Bennett lost his job with the state after complaints about inappropriate emails he sent, and Jeff Brohm is now the darling of the Tennessee Volunteers, though apparently no deal has been signed yet.

It’s all in another great episode of the Rusty Satellite Show. Thanks for listening.

Rusty Satellite 229 – Paul Tuell and Erin Jones

Thanks. Really, I am thankful to you for sticking around for the 229th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show on Thanksgiving weekend. I invited a couple of good friends to be on this week’s show with me.

First up is Paul Tuell, founder of Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey, who welcomed me in his Jeffersontown office where I saw a warehouse full of product. Paul, a former Brown-Forman exec, says the brand is performing better than expected since its launch, and that there are some big things ahead. Plus, he told me about some new cocktails – the Sleigh Ride and Elf on a Shelf, that you can order from your favorite bartender.

Erin Jones joined me in the studio after spending most of the last 24 hours in the hospital with her six-year-old son, who managed to run into an immovable object going full speed running away from a girl. Erin, who regularly suggests guests for the show, is planning a big Thanksgiving at home and has a busy December ahead.

In the news, Erin and I discuss the disgusting principal at Manual High School, whose days in that post are numbered after several allegations of racism and, well, making inappropriate comments to students. We also discuss the sweeping sage of sexual misconduct allegations and how it affects the workplace. On a lighter note, I’ve got a rosy prediction for Saturday big football game between the Cards and Cats.

It all goes well with turkey, so enjoy listening to the show this weekend.

Rusty Satellite 228 – Dale Romans and Jack Mathis

When I read that Dale Romans had surpassed Bill Mott to become the all-time leading trainer at Churchill Downs, I decided to see if I could get him on the show. At Barn 4, where he’s been operating a winning stable for decades, Romans was wheeling and dealing on the phone when I stepped into his office. His life partner Tammy walked in, and then Dale and I got started. I think you’ll find Dale’s story intriguing, and his optimistic outlook about the future of racing and Churchill stands out.

I’m usually one of those people who complain that the Christmas season starts too early, and would normally be especially vexed about any shopping event going on before Thanksgiving. But Jack Mathis assures me that the Champagne party at Work the Metal in Butchertown Friday will be special. He started the store back in 2003, and has grown it to an amazing 12,000 square feet.

The party starts at 6, and will include goodies from Butchertown Grocery, Butchertown Pizza Hall, Bourbon Barrel Foods, Cellar Door Chocolates and some special cocktails from my friends at Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey.

In the news, there’s more movement in J-town, where Bearno’s is taking over the old Ferd Grisanti’s spot where Loui Loui’s just closed. And Corbett’s in the East End shut down this week after a decade in business. Louisville City FC won the USL Soccer title Monday, a good omen as the team got the go-ahead to start building a new stadium in Butchertown.

There’s plenty more going on in my hometown, and you can hear about some of it right here on the Rusty Satellite Show. Thanks for downloading.

Rusty Satellite 227 – Dr. Kevin Cosby and Maggie Harlow

There are some great things happening in the West End, and one of the reasons is the presence of Dr. Kevin Cosby at St. Stephen Baptist Church. I went to see Dr. Cosby at the St. Stephen Family Life Center to talk with him about progress in West Louisville and his leadership of both St. Stephen and Simmons College.

Maggie Harlow is much more than a business leader whose Signarama business downtown is thriving and expanding. She’s inspiring and aspiring, perhaps one day to elected office. And she’s the driving force behind efforts to create a park in honor of the Hill Sisters, best known for creating the Happy Birthday song. She will be at the Breakfast of Champions on Nov. 14, where we will learn all about the history of the Hill Sisters in Louisville.

In Rusty Satellite Show alumni news, I’m sad to hear of the closing of Loui Loui’s in Jtown, where owner Mike Spurlock has operated for five years, Meanwhile, Mike Safai announced plans to open a 20,000 square foot Farmers Market in Shelby Park. At the West Louisville Economic Development event last week at the African-American Heritage Center, I heard encouraging news about the future of the West End from previous show guests including Darrell Griffith, Dawne Gee, David Tandy, Gill Holland and of course Mayor Greg Fischer.

Also, I’ve notice that a lot of bad actors in America and Kentucky are feeling consequences for their actions, from House Speaker Jeff Hoover to Metro Councilman Dan Johnson and now, Manual High School principal Jerry Mayes. It’s all revealed in this excellent episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 226 – Michael Dubree and Angie Fenton

The Rusty Satellite Show, in 225 episodes, has never had a guest with a story quite as compelling as that of Michael Dubree. The Tompkinsville native seemed destined for a life of addiction, always searching for his next high, until he turned his life around. This month he’s on the cover on Men’s Health as the mag’s “Ultimate Guy”, and he’s got the physique to show how he earned the title. He tells me his story in an awesome interview.
It’s also a great show because I get to welcome back Angie Fenton, who first appeared on the Rusty
Satellite in Show #7. Now she’s got a darling daughter and operates Extol Magazine in southern Indiana with her husband Jason.
Angie sits in as guest host as i talk about the week’s biggest stories — the Tom Jurich interview, Dan Johnson’s failed effort to thwart a trial to remove him from Metro Council, and Gov. Matt Bevin’s continued disregard for the facts about marijuana. And Angie and I discuss the idea that, with all the negativity surrounding college sports, we may find other ways to spend our time this winter.
It’s all in an exciting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 225 – Jennifer Moore and Jordan Price

Rusty roars into fall with two more of the most interesting people in the ‘Ville. First up is Jennifer Moore, a former Democratic Party chair who now runs Emerge Kentucky, an organization that offers advice to women on running for public office. She’s also a personal injury lawyer, so I ask her the obvious question — why are there so many TV ads and billboards for attorneys?
Jordan Price had a brush with fame as the nation celebrated “Talk Like a Pirate” day. The aspiring actor and elementary school drama teacher starred as a pirate in a string of Long John Silver’s commercials. We talk about his upcoming directorial debut at CenterStage at the Jewish Community Center.
I went to see the Eagles at the Yum! Center Tuesday, and offer up my secret for getting in cheap. I’ve got an opinion on the firings over at U of L, and I’m hoping the Metro Council does the right thing by voting for the new soccer stadium in Butchertown. I’ve also got updates on Dan Johnson and Chris Thieneman, and plenty more on the Rusty Satellite Show. Join me, and tell your friends.

Rusty Satellite 224 – David Toborowsky and Frank Abignale

You probably didn’t know that somebody from Louisville is featured in the Learning Channel reality series, 90 Day Fiance, but it’s true. And it’s an old friend of mine, David Toborowsky, who has spent much of the last three years overseas. He met and proposed to Annie, a young Thai woman and, voila, their story is now part of the show.
Now, David didn’t reveal any spoilers about the rest of the series, but based on the first two episodes, I can recommend it as a highly entertaining program. And you can hear about David’s journey on this episode.
My guest Frank Abignale is the author of one of the most amazing life journeys in human history. Frank is the model of the movie “Catch Me If You Can” which details his ability to pose as a pilot, doctor and lawyer on his way to making a fortune as a con artist. I spoke to him here before he gave a talk on fraud prevention to a sold-out audience at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. His trip was sponsored by the good folks at AARP.
Of course, all the news around here is about what’ going on at U of L — which this week fired its
┬álong-time Hall of Fame basketball coach and very likely gave the boot to it athletics director. We haven’t heard the last from Rick Pitino or Tom Jurich, however. Gov. Matt Bevin’s comments about how Colorado is dealing with legalized marijuana, upon further review, are flat-out lies. This week he unveiled a new plan to solve the state’s pension crisis that doesn’t include new revenue from gambling or marijuana.
For the gorgeous weekend ahead, I recommend a trip to the Mini Maker Faire at Fourth Street Live! and your local golf course. Enjoy the show, and please tell your friends.

Rusty Satellite 223 – Mike Rutherford and Norm Stamper

Rusty welcomes the authors of two fascinating books into the studios this week. First up is Mike Rutherford, creator of the Card Chronicle, half of the Ramsey and Rutherford sports talk show, and the author of 100 Things Louisville Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die. The timing of the book’s release is odd, given it has a foreword from Rick Pitino. But there’s also a chapter entitled “What Did Freedom Hall Smell Like” and other gems that make it a must-read for Card fans.
Norm Stamper visited the city this week to talk about his ideas for fixing America’s police, a concept that hasn’t been universally accepted by local police forces. He did a media tour here and a town hall in the West End, My friend Chris Thieneman brought him here because he was inspired by Stamper’s ideas
In the news, I was sad to see the announcement that there’s an end in sight for the popular Hometown Heroes banner series. And while I was shocked, and pleased, to see Republican Sen. Dan Seum get behind a plan to legalize marijuana to help solve the state’s pension crisis, it was no surprise to hear mini-Trump Gov. Matt Bevin proclaim that two things aren’t going to happen during his term — the legalization of marijuana or the advent of casino gambling.
The big events I’m up for this week are the Garvin Gate Blues Festival and the U of L football game at Noon Saturday. And don’t forget the Aviation Heritage Festival at Bowman Field. Thanks for downloading the show, and please tell your friends to give it a listen. .

Rusty Satellite 222 – Alex Reymundo and Campbell Boyer

The most interesting podcast in the ‘Ville is back for a 222nd week — with a couple of special guests. Alex Reymundo’s life is fascinating if only for the fact that he has two incredible, and successful, careers. As one of the Latin Kings of Comedy, he’s been featured on cable TV specials and has traveled the world as a performer. But he’s also a co-owner of Number Juan tequila. That’s a story you have to hear right here.

You can join me and Alex at the Number Juan Comedy Show Friday at Mango’s on Dutchmans Parkway.

Campbell Boyer is a big kid who likes to play with things — so five years ago he organized the Louisville Mini Maker Faire to give locals a chance to join him to create cool stuff — using Virtual Reality, Drones and other tech tools. This year the Faire moves to Fourth Street Live! for the first time, and includes Big Kid hours with music and brews.

I’ve dore more than 400 interviews as part of this podcast, and you can listen to all of them in our archive. This week, it might be interesting to go back to some special guests — like Angela Leet, the Metro Council member who announced this week she’s running for Mayor on a “We don’t need more bike lanes” campaign. With all that’s going on at U of L, it would be a good time to search the Rusty archives to hear interviews with Tom Jurich and Kenny Klein. Also, changes in local sports talk radio involve John Ramsey, and Matt Jones is the subject of a lawsuit brought by a referee.

The Metro Council voted this week to get behind the proposed soccer stadium on 40 acres in Butchertown, with a big boost of support from Greater Louisville Inc. chief Kent Oyler.

The weekend starts early with a U of L football game at NC State, and continues with the ever-popular St. James Court Art Show. Thanks for tuning in to the Rusty Satellite, the most interesting podcast in the ‘Ville, and please recommend it to your friends.