Rusty Satellite 197 – Mustafa Gouverneur and Jim Sheehy/Bart Conley

It’s a really compassionate episode of the Rusty Satellite Show, where this week’s most interesting people in the ‘Ville are busy doing good work. Mustafa Gouverneur is the director of communications at the Center for Interfaith Relations. Next week he’s helping host the Festival of Faiths, an event that brings people from all religions to Louisville for a series of informative and entertaining sessions. Gouverneur himself has an interesting tie to our city, though he has spent most of his life in Europe.

The Jill’s Wish charity is inspiring, because it showcases the short life of Jill Conley, who fought a brave fight with great spirit against cancer. Her husband Bart and local ad executive Jim Sheehy are on the board of the charity, which holds is biggest bash of the year, April 29, the week before the Derby. You’ll want to hear about it, and you’ll want to go to it at Bowman Field.

In the news, we are glad to finally find out that the Louisville City FC soccer stadium site is. . . in Butchertown, where it’s likely to help boost business for a lot of new hotels and restaurants when it opens in 2020. I chat with Jim and Bart about the oddest story of the week — the Elizabethtown doctor dragged off a United Airlines plane on its way here from Chicago. We also mention my EatDrinkTalk interview with Stephen Bowles, a master of the barbecue pit.

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Rusty Satellite 196 – Jessica Hines and Steve Wiser

The city’s most interesting podcast features more of the most interesting people in the ‘Ville. This week I went to Kosair Charities’ offices on Eastern Parkway to learn about Hat For Hope, one of the organization’s most successful fund-raisers. And Igot to talk with a millennial – Jessica Hines – who is a member of the Hats for Hope committee and has a very millennial-like day job, handling social media for Yum! Brands. In her first year on this project, she’s learning a lot about Derby hats.

Steve Wiser is perhaps the city’s best-known architect, and he was recognized recently for his lifetime of work. The author of more than a dozen books about Louisville architecture is releasing a new presentation for a group at U of L this week on the city’s “Missing Opportunities”, a collection of ideas about how Louisville’s trajectory might have been different with the addition or subtraction of major projects, like the Museum Plaza.

On Wednesday, the city endured yet another “threat” of severe weather, causing some school systems and churches to alter their schedules. Note, I didn’t say that it was severe weather, but the “threat” of severe weather. At least one Indiana school system started letting kids go home early before a cloud appeared. That basketball official who called the UK-North Carolina game, it turns out, lives in Omaha and has a roofing business and is one of the most respected officials in the country. None of which mattered to a portion of the UK fan base, which made thousands of calls and social media comments in an attempt to damage the poor guy’s business and life. Yes, death threats.

I had the opportunity to visit a new restaurant at the foot of the Big Four Bridge in Indiana, and decided it’s certainly worth the trip to eat at Parlour. And I stopped in and learned something new about Copper and Kings. It’s all in a great episode of EatDrinkTalk.

Rusty Satellite 195 – Tom Nielsen and Jim Blanton

The city’s most interesting podcast once again features some of the colorful individuals that are making things happen here. We start with Tom Nielsen, also known as the Sodfather. He’s the head groundskeeper at Slugger Field and one of the best in the business. If you don’t believe it, check out all the industry awards in his crowded office. He’s also mentored dozens of individuals who have gone on from Louisville to work in the profession in other cities.

My second guest is Jim Blanton, the Library Director for the city. He’s excited to be hosting GonzoFest this year, our annual tribute to all things Hunter S. Thompson. The event will take place for the first time at the downtown library, and will include music outdoors, plus plenty of talks and exhibits about the Gonzo creator, whose mother spent her career as a librarian there. Blanton also tells me about the new regional library program and about some great online tools the library provides for its patrons.

The worst story of the week in the news, as far as I’m concerned, is that a referee received death threats from hostile UK fans. John Higgins experienced harassment at his home and business too, all because some whiny UK fans didn’t like some of his calls in UK’s NCAA Tourney loss to North Carolina. Gov. Matt Bevin is making another attempt to effectively outlaw abortion in the Commonwealth, using his official powers to try to shut down the only abortion provider in the state. I’ve got news of some restaurant openings and closings from At least there’s the new Fake News edition of LEO Weekly for us all to chuckle a bit.

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Rusty Satellite 194 – Jonathan Lintner and Lyle Sussman

We’ve got spring fever at Rusty Satellite Headquarters, so we’re talking about the first soccer match of the season, coming up Saturday at 2 at Slugger Field. In fact, we can go there right from the goat races in NuLu, another wonderful celebration of spring. My first guest, Jonathan Lintner, handles all things in media for Louisville City FC, keeping up with the team’s social media presence as well as taking care of media requests. A former C-J reporter, Lintner is enjoying all the responsibility involved, and calls the opening weekend of the season his personal Derby.

Dr. Lyle Sussman, who’s been teaching management at the University of Louisville for four decades, scoffed at the idea his daughter had — she wanted to open a donut business. But today Hi-Five Donuts has evolved from a tent to a food truck and now a retail location in Butchertown. So Lyle wrote a book — “Breaking the Glaze Ceiling” — about his daughter’s experience. His subtitle — Sweet Lessons for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Wannabes, says it all about what’s in the book. Sussman is an accomplished speaker on business topics, and this is the 15th book he’s written.

In the news, well, the President was in town this week, and I was doing my best to ignore it. We learned over at EatDrinkTalk about a new festival coming in September, Bourbon and Beyond, from the same folks who have been producing the successful Louder Than Life event down at Champions Park. And while I realize that UK is still playing in the NCAA Tournament, the Cards’ quick exit offers us some hoops-free time this weekend, so get out and do some stuff you want to do.

Rusty Satellite 193 – Rex Chapman and Kevin Kramer

A very special Rusty Satellite Show originates from the gorgeous Tyrolean Inn in Aspen, Colorado, where I’m on vacation with my friend, Professor John Gilderbloom. We share some stories of the trip here, seeing my son Josh, visiting the Woody Creek Tavern (the stomping grounds of Louisville’s own Hunter S. Thompson) and enjoying crazy rock and roll with Andy Frasco at the Belly Up bar.

Before I left, I had an opportunity to talk with Rex Chapman, the most exciting college basketball player I’ve seen, about his work with The Healing Place and his path to recovery from addiction to pain medicine. It’s a fascinating interview, and Rex doesn’t dodge any questions in talking about his journey.

Kevin Kramer, who’s lived in the same Hikes Point zip code his entire life, is my Metro Council representative. He’s also a leader in education, teaching at Mercy Academy. We talk about some issues going on with the Council, including his refutation of the “War on Louisville” that some have said Frankfort politicians are waging on our city.

In the news, John and I discuss the departure of Ghyslain D’Humiere from the Speed Art Museum, where Stephen Reily will take over as director on a temporary basis. And there’s big new in Butchertown, where a locally-famous chef will create a new pizza spot in the old Hall’s Cafeteria building. The announcement that long-dormant Coyote’s downtown will become a sports bar backed by Darrell Griffith is some welcome news. As we prepare for St. Patrick’s Day in Louisville, I encourage you to listen to Steve Coomes’ interviews on EatDrinkTalk with a couple of local Irishmen – Finbar Kinsella and Michael Reidy. Finally, of course, we have to talk some hoops and take a look at the outlook for the Cardinals and Wildcats as the NCAA Tournament gets underway.

Rusty Satellite 192 – Joel Halblieb and Scott Kremer

Things are really kicking into gear around here, and we’ve got the good parts covered here on the Rusty Satellite Show. Guest co-host Cyndy Tandy and I chat about Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Parade, the blessing of the keg and of course, the start of the basketball post-season. Cyndy’s not so sure about her beloved Wildcats this year, but shares the story of having a birthday right in the middle of March Madness. We also have a more serious discussion of HB151, a bill in the Kentucky legislature that would change the way JCPS students are assigned schools.

My first interview is with Joel Halblieb, the brewmaster and COO at Goodwood Brewing. It took place over a new Gouza brew at the Tap Room at Clay and Main, where all around there seems to be new construction going on. Halblieb is gearing up for a big week — with the blessing of the keg by the Royal Hibernians on Thursday, and the craziness that is St. Patrick’s Week for any establishment serving alcohol. Goodwood is now distributed in 15 states, all made with wood in some way at the massive plant just north of NuLu.

Scott Kremer didn’t have to move his architectural firm to Shelby Park downtown, but when he found an old car dealership that fit the growing firm’s needs, he quickly put the deal together. While there are still some finishing touches needed, his dozen employees are moved in and enjoying the new digs. Kremer said that while much of the company’s work is done for out-of-town clients, he believes it is important to have an inner-city presence. Plus, he’s learned some great history about the car dealer operation that once inhabited the space.

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Rusty Satellite 191 – Dr. Shawn Moore and Bill Hollander

It’s always special when I have a guest co-shot on the show — and this week it’s the artistic and talented Marianne Zickuhr. She’s busy. Not only does she host “Marianne in the Morning” at ArtXFM, she’s taking on new duties at the Jewish Community Center, including hosting a big event on Saturday — Seinfeldia. Listen in to hear all about the special event at Theater Marketplace celebrating my all-time favorite TV show.

I know a lot of folks who say they have a really cool dentist, but none are likely to match mine — Dr. Shawn Moore. When he told me about the new practice he’d started in St. Kitts, I asked him to come on the show to talk about it, and some of his other unusually patient-friendly practices. And no, I was NOT under the influence of laughing gas. I’ve been seeing Dr. Moore for many years, and you’ll see why he’s at the top of his profession in this interview.

Of course, I’m worried about almost everything this crazy governor or ours is up to, but when he started touting legislation dubbed the “War on Louisville” I wanted to get the perspective of one of the Metro Council’s leaders. Bill Hollander, a former lawyer elected in 2014, heads the Democratic Caucus and believes that rural legislators have no business making decisions about government in Louisville. Bill started his career in radio, so he fits right in on the show.

Enjoy this highly entertaining Rusty Satellite Show podcast, and tell your friends.

Rusty Satellite 190 – Mike and Medora Safai, plus Zach Fry

Download the Rusty Satellite Show this week to be in the know on some really interesting people making news in my hometown. First up is Mike and Medora Safai, who are the entrepreneurs behind Safai Coffee. But they’re also attempting to transform the Shelby Park neighborhood into one of the coolest spots in town. Their plans include a brewery, bakery, restaurant, Farmer’s Market and that’s only the beginning. Listen in to hear Mike Safai’s interesting immigration story, and how he owes part of the credit for getting to hear to the journalist Christiane Amanpour.

And while your first reaction to the idea of a competition called the Gravy Cup is how unhealthy is sounds, rest assured that the city’s finest chefs are preparing special recipes for your enjoyment. I’m talking with Zach Fry, who got the bright idea of staging a competition for the southern staple during a trip to New Orleans.

I know some of you are getting political fatigue to the point that it’s hard to open your Facebook feed, I’m focusing on happier items in the news segment, such as the slew of great events coming up and how the Omni Hotel is going up, up, and up and transforming our skyline.

Rusty Satellite 189 – Diana Dinicola and Erin Fowler, with guest co-host Diane Williamson

Back in 2013, when the Rusty Satellite Show was just getting started, I asked a big favor from Diane Williamson, who has made a career for herself as a radio and TV personality and premier voice talent. And yes, she agreed to record a voice-over for the show, one that you still hear in today’s version. Diane was a guest on show #7, and is back to compare notes on what we’ve both done since then.

My first guest operates the city’s only Flamenco Dance Studio, and when I visited her in Clifton I learned about her fascinating career in the arts, and her equally amazing business career. Listen in to hear how she’s helping revitalize the Shelby Park neighborhood by helping move Kremer Studios there.

At Kosair Charities, Erin Fowler is a young VP who coordinates more than 60 events a year from her office on Eastern Parkway. On my visit, we discuss Kosair’s impact in the community and I learn how many of those “Silent Messenger” statues there are around town.

It’s all in an action-packed Rusty Satellite Show. Download it now

Rusty Satellite 188 – Patrick Whelan and Lisa Kahl-Hillerich

The city’s most interesting podcast returns for its 188th episode with a couple of the most interesting people in the ‘Ville. First up is Patrick Whelan, whose love of music and attending festivals was once tied in closely with his addiction to drugs and alcohol. After all, for many of us attending concerts and altering our state of consciousness with drugs and alcohol go hand-in-hand. But when Whelan began his recovery, he found the concert-going experience was different, and that it could be a better way to enjoy the music. From that realization he began working with festival organizers (starting with Bonnaroo in 2002, and later including Louisville’s Forecastle Festival) to set up safe havens for those in recovery attending the shows. Whelan’s team volunteers to man booths at more than 15 music festivals last year, with more on the horizon this year.

For Lisa Kahl-Hillerich, her 50th birthday was approaching, and she was ready to do something different with her life. So last year she started RoxyNell Blue Jeans, a startup focused on fashion, specifically the manufacture of her own brand of jeans. She’s been making custom-fit jeans using denim that, believe it or not, is washed in bourbon. The brand is known for Bourbon and Baseball as well, a tie-in to her husband’s family business, Hillerich & Bradsby. She’s officially launching the brand in April, and has big plans that include creating a space for local fashion designers to share ideas.

In the news, I’m ranting about our governor, who is using the same playbook as our President — making outrageous, often false statements to get attention. This week Bevin called JCPS “an unmitigated disaster” while celebrating the signing of two bills further restricting the rights of women. I’m watching a fascinating case involving Jackie Green, the former show guest who is fighting a ticket he received for running a red light — on his bike. Over at U of L, it’s definitely the off-season because football players are getting arrested, including a player driving around Park Hill with a loaded gun in his seat. Want some happy news? Over at EatDrinkTalk there’s a story about the impact of bourbon on the state’s economy — to the tune of $8.5 billion. And with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, chocolatier Erika Chavez-Graziano and artist Jeaneen Barnhart, both former Rusty guests, are teaming up to offer something special for your sweetie.

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