Rusty Satellite 217 – Roscoe Goose and Barry Bernson

A juggernaut among podcasts, the Rusty Satellite Show checks in with Juggernaut Jug Band veteran Roscoe Goose (that’s his Jug Band name). Goose came to the studios from his home in Owen County to tell me about the Sept. 16 Jug Band Jubilee, a national event featuring nine bands from around the U.S. Come and bring the kids.
Barry Bernson is taking on a new role — movie star. He would call that an exaggeration, but he does have a part in an upcoming Nicole Kidman film made in Cincinnati. The former TV anchor is busy these days recording audio books. The man who once called me an “eminence grise” on the air is a true Kentucky treasure, though he lives across the River.
You’ll hear a big shout out to all my Facebook friends, 275 of whom wished me a Happy Birthday Monday. It’s the first weekend of college football, and the Cards are playing Purdue in Indy, and you could probably get a ticket cheap. It will be interesting to see what new Boilers coach Jeff Brohm has in store for his hometown team.
Other than the football, it’s Labor Day Weekend, highlighted by WorldFest at the Belvedere and, on Monday, the Hike, Bike and Paddle event with the Mayor.
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Rusty Satellite 216 – Cathe Dykstra and Corey Sims

That once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse was a doozy, right? Not to most people I talked with, who came away disappointed the sky didn’t darken more, even after hearing Dr. Tim Dowling explain the whole thing on the show last week. There are more opportunities to learn about goings-on in Louisville on the Rusty Satellite Show #216.

The first guest is Cathe Dykstra, who has done some ground-breaking work, literally, with the Family Scholar House organization. Cathe’s family of single parents and their kids will soon encompass six campuses, but there’s always more demand. Hear about how Cathe helped create a safe place for single parents to live while raising kids and getting an education.

Out in my neighborhood, Corey Sims and his partners are almost ready to open a new Jeffersontown restaurant, Mac’s Dough House, which they can only hope will be as successful as their two-year-old RecBar. The two spots are close to each other, and may be sparking a new level of nightlife down the street. I hope so.

Rusty fills you in on some other happenings around the city, including the opening of El Taco Luchador in St. Matthews. Got ideas for the show? Find me on Facebook (Rick Redding) and make a suggestion.

Rusty Satellite 215 – Dr.Timothy Dowling and Danny Seim

Watch out, you might learn something in this week’s Rusty Satellite Show. First, I sought out the bet expert around here to learn what kind of risk I’d be taking if I look directly at the sun during Monday’s Solar Eclipse. Thanks to Dr. Tim Dowling, I know not to do that, and a whole lot more about this amazing event. You’ll also find out why people from all over the globe are coming to Hopkinsville, and about the emergency preparations underway for it.
Danny Seim’s sundial project in Portland is just one of the activities he’s signed up for since omving from Portland, Oregon to the Portland section of our city. Hear about the amazing work being done at the Dolfinger Building near 25th Street, and how he’s helping Gill Holland revitalize Portland.
Of course, the news is depressing, especially when the country has as its major talking poitn a President who refuses to denounce his base of neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Our Governor, the Trump mini-me, showed he lacked sensitivity to the race issue by declaring that Confederate statues, like the Castleman statue in the Highlands, should stay right where they are. And in non-racism news, Councilman Dan Johnson, a pain in the neck to most of his fellow Council members, took a leave of absence, saying he had a pain in the neck.
Still, there are good time to be had by all, especially for those of you who want to join me in Madison for the Delbert McClinton show at Ribberfest. Plus, Saturday night is the Bourbon Mixer, a major drinking and sampling event you heard about here on the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 214 – Al Cross and Greg Horvath

As the city’s first news blogger and enthusiastic follower of local media, I was keenly interested in the Louisville Forum’s topic — Fake News. And who better to have on the show than Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame member Al Cross, who now helps teach young people in rural Kentucky about the profession.
In addition, I have some comments abut the panel, which included Louisville Public Media’s Brendan McCarthy, WDRB’s Bill Lamb and conservative commentator Scott Jennings.
My second guest, Greg Horvath,. has produced books and films about his incredible life story (he played college football at age 38) and his goal of helping to combat the rising number of overdose deaths. But Horvath is a critic of a lot of the current ways that fight is being conducted. He’s in Louisville as a guest of Chris Thieneman.
On Sunday, I went to the Iroquois Ampitheatre to see a spectacular show by Lyle Lovett and his Large Band, and I share some details here. And I’m glad to see a few openings around town — Dennie Humpreys’ Jimmy Can’t Dance jazz club opens downtown Aug. 19, and the Old Louisville Pizza operation run by Dan Borsch is now serving up pies and beer.
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Rusty Satellite 213 – Chris Poynter and Chris Thieneman

Rusty welcomes two good friends named Chris — but that’s where similarities between the two end. Chris Poynter, a fellow WKU grad with a background in journalism, has ascended to the top communications job in the city. At least, the top job in Mayor Greg Fischer’s office, and was recently presented with a national award for his work during the week of Muhammad Ali’s funeral last year.
Chris Thieneman, a longtime activist and a former candidate for Mayor, has his hands full as a new father. But Chris is always involved in issues that matter to him, and tells me that he is bringing a nationally-known expert on cops to town later this year to raise awareness of the importance of proper policing.
I’m highlighting a couple of big stories that illustrate how much the media’s relationship with politicians has changed. Gov. Matt Bevin, who routinely turns down interview requests from the state’s major media outlets in favor on posting videos on YouTube, is in a real scuffle with WDRB’s Bill Lamb and the C-J over a drone that he spotted near his home. And Councilman Dan Johnson says he’s not resigning, and that some of his problems may date back to a traffic accident that occurred in 1976. Both appeared on Terry Meiners’ radio show at WHAS.
Plus, I tell you about a great lunch at Sweet Peaches in the West End, and another meal at another new place in town, the Red Herring. It’s all here in another great episode of the most interesting podcast in the ‘Ville — the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 212 – John and Missy Hillock, plus Jason Mudd

Louisville’s most interesting podcast continues with a great episode featuring the operators of a Norton Commons Bed and Breakfast and one of the city’s most positive web entrepreneurs.

John and Missy Hillock have put their hearts and souls into their Bed & Breakfast in Norton Commons, from John’s artistic bourbon-stave inspired art to Missy’s attention to detail in every one of the four bedrooms. You can meet them on Sunday, when they’ll be serving up special treats at the Taste of Independents at the Olmsted.

You can’t help but be a little happier when you meet Jason Mudd, the prince of positivity behind the YESLouisville media operation.

In the news, a dispute over a name has a speakeasy and seafood restaurant, one in New Albany and one on Whiskey Row, trading barbs in the media, but Hull or High Water, the Indiana seafood spot opening under the direction of Eric Morris, seems to have the upper hand. Insider Louisville’s editorial chief, Sarah Kelley, announced her resignation. And an opening at the Jtown City Council has some folks arguing online about who should fill the vacant seat.

This weekend, you have several fun events to choose from — the grand opening of Flying Axes, the GrateVille Dead Festival, and the Louisville City FC soccer match. There’s plenty more in the show, so please give it a listen.

Rusty Satellite 211 – Robbie Bartlett and Linda Ruffenach

Wanna be a Bourbon Bad Ass? Then talk to Whiskey Chicks founder Linda Ruffenach, who has built the idea of teaching women about bourbon into a thriving business and, soon, a book that will be published in the spring. She’s amping up for the Bourbon Mixer, a popular annual event held in conjunction with the Bourbon Brotherhood, coming to the Henry Clay next month.

You don’t have to wait that long to hear the music of Robbie Bartlett, who has been performing at various Louisville venues since 1982. You can check her out twice weekly at Volare Restaurant, where I caught up with her on a Wednesday morning during set up. Bartlett will also be performing at the magnificent Taste of Independents event July 30 at the Olmsted.

The top ticket this weekend is the Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival at the Water Tower, where you can hear seven bands in two nights in a perfect setting, while sampling craft beer, cocktails and delicious food.

In the news, it’s sad to report the passing of artist Julius Friedman, who was a guest here about a year ago. I’ve got reason to like Frontier Airlines announcement of a return to the ‘Ville. Metro Councilman Dan Johnson continues to¬† post random thoughts about his sexual harassment case on Facebook, and discussion of a buffer zone at the state’s lone abortion clinic has out-of-town protesters gearing up for battle.

Join me for a fun episode featuring the Most Interesting People in the ‘Ville, once again on the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 210 – Emily Cox and Holly Weyler McKnight

A small gathering at Tyler Park some 15 years ago launched what is now a major Louisville event — the Forecastle Festival. The three-day event packs art, activism and music into a schedule that includes 60+ musical acts at Waterfront Park. The nautically-themed event has a $20 million economic impact on the city, and does plenty of good work through its Foundation.

This week’s Rusty features two of the key sailors on the Forecastle ship — Visual Design director Emily Cox and First Mate Holly Weyler McKnight. Both are Assumption High grads who are making a mark in their hometown — Emily lives in Nashville, but designs every detail of the look of Forecastle and three other festivals operated by A.C. Entertainment.

Holly, of course, was on the show two years ago and is well-known to everyone involved in the show. She’s married to the Captain, J.K. McKnight, has a newborn child, and holds down an important P.R. job with 21C Hotels.

In the news segment, I discuss why Jennifer Lawrence is coming home for an event at the Frazier Museum. Also, I sampled a new flavor at the new scoop shop in NuLu and noticed plenty of new construction around the city, including a Phoenix Hill brewery.

Join Rusty for all this and more in this special Forecastle episode.

Rusty Satellite 209 – Ilyse Gordon McCormick and Russell Lloyd

Don’t miss this episode of the city’s most interesting podcast, featuring media entrepreneur Ilyse Gordon McCormick and Jefferson County’s Democratic Party chair Russell Lloyd.

McCormick is a former producer at WHAS-TV, and has an idea to create a professional, independent local newscast that will be available through Facebook. It’s ambitious, but she’s already got a team assembled and an office in Portland’s Faulkner Gallery.

Last week, Russell Lloyd was compelled to release a statement from the local Democratic Party after the latest weirdness from Metro Councilman Dan Johnson, who has now been ordered to report his comings and goings to the Metro Council president, in order to send out warnings to those in the building who fear him. Lloyd also talks with me about other local political issues and the challenging road ahead for the Party.

I hope you’ll join me in Jeffersontown on Saturday, where I’ll be pouring beer at the Summer Beer Fest. The other big event is the Lebowski Fest, and the good news is that Will Russell has gotten treatment and is doing positive things. WAVE-TV’s personalities dominated the Best of Louisville media awards, and you can find plenty of good places to eat in contest’s restaurant categories.

All that and more in another exciting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 208 – Ibn Ali and Tom Sobel

Rusty welcomes a couple of legends to the show this week, starting with Ibn Ali, nephew of the Champ. He’s back in town and teaching boxing at the Jewish Community Center. And to talk with him, you can tell he spent time with his famous uncle. Ibn is confident, loud, brash and a poet.

Tom Sobel and I met at a golf event at Standard Country Club, where we played as a team. I knew after hearing a different funny story on every hole that I wanted to have him on the show. Sobel is the comedy pioneer who has been producing shows and representing talent for four decades, and he’s collected some great stories.

On Tuesday, I attended a special media dinner at Mesa Collaborative Kitchen in New Albany, featuring Chef David Danielson, and it was spectacular. Watermelon, lobster, canelloni were just the highlights, held in a beautiful new space that just opened. Also, i bought a new car and tell you about the experience.

There’s plenty more local history in my talk with Tom Sobel, so be sure and tune in to this special episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.