Startup 95 – Moving Forward


After 94 great episodes and two great years, I’m pulling the plug on the Startup Podcast – not because I don’t love it or because it wasn’t working. I simply don’t have the time and flexibility to carry my own show. I’m grateful for the time and attention you’ve given me. Listen in for the full story.

Startup 95 – Tendai Charasika Returns!


It’s arguable that nobody is as consistent and makes as much of a difference in the Louisville startup scene than Tendai Charasika. Easily one of the most likable and dialed in guys, he’s made the jump from startup support to startup CEO of SuperFanU. In this episode, he details the challenges of balancing life in a startup with family and talks about the challenges of working on a company at the early stage of aggressive growth mode.

Startup 94 – Sean Vandevander

vandeevsFinding a way to serve others and blend that into entrepreneurship has been a goal for Sean Vandevander throughout his career. He now volunteers for a Louisville social entrepreneurship startup called Waterstep and is working on facing the challenges that come with a non-profit.







Startup 92 – John “Z” Zeydel

zAs a guy who has made his living in sales and networking, John Zeydel knows a thing or two about making connections. He and his business partner, Christy Smallwood, own and operation Arkham Executive, a “group therapy” of sorts for entrepreneurs. They also organize an annual event called Gear Up Louisville.






Startup 91 – Jason Kelly


Having grown up with a dad in the Navy, Jason Kelly is no stranger to travel. That helps as he hops across the map as part of his company, Drifter Events, that hosts outdoor biking and running events around the company. The first event was an experiment that caused him to see enough potential to abandon a company he had already started and was doing well in.

Startup 90 – Chris Bailey

chrisbaileyAs a native Lousivillian, Chris Bailey has seen his fair share of rear-end collisions on the highways and biways of the area. It took his being a witness to a giant pileup on I-71 to realize that there’s a better way for drivers to be aware of velocity changes on the highway. That incident was the seed of his idea for Gear Brake, one of the young companies participating in the Velocity Accelerator this winter.






Startup 89 – Andrew Klawier

andrewklawierAfter spending four years at Miami (OH) and time in the Marines (including a tour in Afghanistan) to hone his leadership skills, Andrew Klawier is heading up the development of GroomHQ, one in the new class at the Velocity accelerator in Jeffersonville.






Startup 88 – Brian Wallace


After finding Louisville a good match for raising a family and starting a business, Brian Wallace and his wife settled here to get their marketing company, NowSourcing, to a place where they could rapidly grow. After several years of success and observation in the city, they’ve started up a Louisville suburban coworking space with several differences from others that have tried. The Ville is out in the wild and Brian sits down to tell the story of how it came to be.

Startup 87 – Keith Ringer


For a guy who wasted too much time skateboarding around UofL’s campus (according to him), Keith Ringer has accomplished some things. He and his partner Chuck Burke were early in no the social network thing with After selling the business off, he’s been busy with other projects and staying relatively active in the Louisville startup scene, something on which he has a few strong opinions.