The Crunch Zone 84 – Watching The Virginia Game…Sort Of

Mark, ThatBoysGood & Biggest Biscuit sat in studio and watched the Cards face off vs. the Virginia Cavaliers. We discussed a manner of things during our “Game Watch” and we really didn’t discuss MUCH of the game at all as we tried to do anything at all to keep our minds off it.



The Crunch Zone 83 – January Recruiting Notes guys BACK.  Joe (ThatBoysGood) and Mark sat down with Dave Lackford to talk recruiting leading up to National Signing Day.  The guys break down each position group, make predictions and discuss why each player is a good fit for the program.
Also Dave from the Red Rage Tailgate sits down with Mark & TBG to discuss the Louisville Basketball program’s recent hot play and how that is shaping up for the Cardinals’ post-season potential.
The guys close it out with a “Dudes Talking” discussion with Dave from the Red Rage Tailgate about RRTG’s evolution & we announce some big news for the Louisville Football Spring Game between TCZ and RRTG.

The Crunch Zone 82 – Kentucky Week In Basketball

Mark, Joe, and Drew discuss apathy in the Louisville and Kentucky rivalry. We discuss the history of the “Dream Game” and recent results. Jumping into Dudes Talking, we talk about saying GOODBYE to 2016 while going over the good and the bad moments of the year in Louisville, around the world, and with Louisville athletics.

The Crunch Zone 81- Strike The Pose: Jackson Wins the Heisman

Mike, Mark and TBG talk out the big Heisman win, what to expect from football moving forward and what we know of the basketball team so far this season.


TBG drops an Easter Egg in the podcast, one hell of a story about something we are all interested in, the dunking Cardinal Bird.

The Crunch Zone 80 – The Big Blues

Mike, Mark, TBG and Dave pick up the pieces after the Kentucky loss, including looking towards the future with young guns coming up. They go one on one with the music man himself Ken Harbison who’s created musical intros for many sports talk radio shows in town. They dabble in basketball and talk bowls. They were drinking bourbon and eating ribs, and Dave gives us some Phill talk – what more could you want?

The Crunch Zone 79 – Picking Up the Pieces

The Crunch Zone gang debuts their new show intro by Ken Harbison (follow at @kenharbison2). They talk about the sad Houston loss with stories from Mark and Drew’s travels down to Texas. They cover the upcoming senior game (and Governor’s Cup) game against Kentucky and “dudes talking” covers their feelings about the Charlie Strong trouble in Texas. Mike, Mark, TBG and Masterdroo sit in this week.

The Crunch Zone 78 – War Games!

NSFW. Mike, Keith, TBG and Dave this week. Louisville lays waste to Boston College hoping to catch the playoff committee’s eyes. We discuss the up coming game with Wake Forrest and why the the 30 point spread is problematic. We give our thoughts on the playoff picture to date, give some program updates and get feisty in dudes talking. This podcast is not safe for work, and you might even feel like you scored tickets front row to a pay-per-view fight.

The Crunch Zone 77 – A Whole New Playoff Picture

Mark has ThatBoysGood, MasterDroo & VilleSportsLaw in studio and they recapped the exciting win over the NC State Wolfpack, which lead into a style points discussion for the College Football Playoff & Heisman Trophy.
From there the guys briefly discussed Saturday’s game with Virginia before Keith (VilleSportsLaw) went absolutely ballistic on the state of Indiana during “Dude’s Talking”