What Happens Next 4 – Brunch At The Bard’s Town


The louisville Improvisors – Jenni Cochran, Brian Hinds, Alec Volz, and Chris Anger meet for brunch at local restaurant and home of the Improvisors performance space The Bard’s Town the morning after their latest show. Much is discussed; nothing is settled.

What Happens Next 3: Author David Henry


David Henry, co-author (along with his recording artist and producer brother Joe) of the new biography of Richard Pryor Furious Cool: Richard Pryor and The World That Made Him, visits with the Louisville Improvisors.

This wide ranging discussion includes how the book came about; the influence Pryor had on the David, Chris and Alec; the band X; David’s new movie and the Improvisors next show.

Episode 2 – John Boel


Following a surpisingly predicable formula of having TV peeps on the show, Chris and Alec have WAVE-TV morning fella John Boel sit in to talk about growing up in the Wisconsin, unsafe places in Kentucky to visit, and the differences between California, Vegas, and Louisville.