Rusty Satellite 228 – Dale Romans and Jack Mathis

When I read that Dale Romans had surpassed Bill Mott to become the all-time leading trainer at Churchill Downs, I decided to see if I could get him on the show. At Barn 4, where he’s been operating a winning stable for decades, Romans was wheeling and dealing on the phone when I stepped into his office. His life partner Tammy walked in, and then Dale and I got started. I think you’ll find Dale’s story intriguing, and his optimistic outlook about the future of racing and Churchill stands out.

I’m usually one of those people who complain that the Christmas season starts too early, and would normally be especially vexed about any shopping event going on before Thanksgiving. But Jack Mathis assures me that the Champagne party at Work the Metal in Butchertown Friday will be special. He started the store back in 2003, and has grown it to an amazing 12,000 square feet.

The party starts at 6, and will include goodies from Butchertown Grocery, Butchertown Pizza Hall, Bourbon Barrel Foods, Cellar Door Chocolates and some special cocktails from my friends at Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey.

In the news, there’s more movement in J-town, where Bearno’s is taking over the old Ferd Grisanti’s spot where Loui Loui’s just closed. And Corbett’s in the East End shut down this week after a decade in business. Louisville City FC won the USL Soccer title Monday, a good omen as the team got the go-ahead to start building a new stadium in Butchertown.

There’s plenty more going on in my hometown, and you can hear about some of it right here on the Rusty Satellite Show. Thanks for downloading.

LJ Drives The Bus: Senior Day For Football, Men’s & Women’s Hoops

LJ Nesbitt grabs the reigns with Mark and Biscuit.  Keith Poynter stopped by for a bit too as the guys discussed the Lady Cards win over Ohio State, the WNIT, Football’s win over Virginia & the upcoming Senior Day vs Syracuse.  The guys also detailed the opening of basketball season.  The guys close with Dude’s Talking and they discuss Football movies………. but the completely omit “Rudy”.

Fortyish 68 – What Is A Xennial?

In yet another attempt to classify the human population, somebody has coined a new term that defines people born in the late ’70s to early ’80s and Dan is having none of it. Stephanie and Dan also revisit the ever popular “Whatcha Like This Week” segment to share things that add positive elements to our lives.

The Crunch Zone 100 – Hoops Season Is Here

The boys were back at it again and this time they talked the opening of basketball season, Louisville’s Football game versus Virginia, who the next defensive coordinator at UofL could be and then closed with customer complaint calls for Dude’s Talking.

Rusty Satellite 227 – Dr. Kevin Cosby and Maggie Harlow

There are some great things happening in the West End, and one of the reasons is the presence of Dr. Kevin Cosby at St. Stephen Baptist Church. I went to see Dr. Cosby at the St. Stephen Family Life Center to talk with him about progress in West Louisville and his leadership of both St. Stephen and Simmons College.

Maggie Harlow is much more than a business leader whose Signarama business downtown is thriving and expanding. She’s inspiring and aspiring, perhaps one day to elected office. And she’s the driving force behind efforts to create a park in honor of the Hill Sisters, best known for creating the Happy Birthday song. She will be at the Breakfast of Champions on Nov. 14, where we will learn all about the history of the Hill Sisters in Louisville.

In Rusty Satellite Show alumni news, I’m sad to hear of the closing of Loui Loui’s in Jtown, where owner Mike Spurlock has operated for five years, Meanwhile, Mike Safai announced plans to open a 20,000 square foot Farmers Market in Shelby Park. At the West Louisville Economic Development event last week at the African-American Heritage Center, I heard encouraging news about the future of the West End from previous show guests including Darrell Griffith, Dawne Gee, David Tandy, Gill Holland and of course Mayor Greg Fischer.

Also, I’ve notice that a lot of bad actors in America and Kentucky are feeling consequences for their actions, from House Speaker Jeff Hoover to Metro Councilman Dan Johnson and now, Manual High School principal Jerry Mayes. It’s all revealed in this excellent episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Fortyish 67 – Scott Lykins is a 40ish Single Dude and Loves It

Former podcaster, beer industry stalwart, and nice fella Scott Lykins ran into Dan on the street awhile back and said he needed to share HIS perspective on being 40 and single – so Dan took him up on the challenge. In this quick conversation, Dan discovers a few new things and Scott ruminates on a life well lived to this point, but isn’t quite so sure about the future.

Stephanie, meanwhile, is out again this week sharing her excellence in digital marketing with the rest of the cool kids.

The Crunch Zone 99 – Let The Anger Flow

This week the guys sat down & let the hate flow. We talked about the frustration with the defensive coordinator, what the possibilities are moving forward, if Bobby is capable of making a better hire, then we talked tv shows, & rapped it up with a little hoops talk. Bye week coming off another disappointing loss had us a little scatterbrained.

Rusty Satellite 226 – Michael Dubree and Angie Fenton

The Rusty Satellite Show, in 225 episodes, has never had a guest with a story quite as compelling as that of Michael Dubree. The Tompkinsville native seemed destined for a life of addiction, always searching for his next high, until he turned his life around. This month he’s on the cover on Men’s Health as the mag’s “Ultimate Guy”, and he’s got the physique to show how he earned the title. He tells me his story in an awesome interview.
It’s also a great show because I get to welcome back Angie Fenton, who first appeared on the Rusty
Satellite in Show #7. Now she’s got a darling daughter and operates Extol Magazine in southern Indiana with her husband Jason.
Angie sits in as guest host as i talk about the week’s biggest stories — the Tom Jurich interview, Dan Johnson’s failed effort to thwart a trial to remove him from Metro Council, and Gov. Matt Bevin’s continued disregard for the facts about marijuana. And Angie and I discuss the idea that, with all the negativity surrounding college sports, we may find other ways to spend our time this winter.
It’s all in an exciting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Fortyish 66 – Phil Kollin Has Wanderlust

At the tender age of almost 40, Phil Kollin has led an interesting life traversing the United States with his wife doing…lots of different things. A few years back, they settled in Louisville and Phil took a great job doing great things for a great organization in a great town. Then, he quit to do something else. It’s just what he does and his story could inspire you to take a leap and go on your next adventure in life!