Rusty Satellite 234 – Gabe Duverge and Caroline Knop

We’re putting a bow on another 52 episodes of the Rusty Satellite Show with a look back, and a peak ahead. Before we let 2017 go for good, Caroline Knop and I talk about some of the memorable guests we’ve had on the show, from Mayor Greg Fischer to Santa Pat Meehan, from extraordinary entrepreneurs to folks with really important jobs, from actors and musicians to record-setters in athletics.

But first, there are a couple of pretty big ballgames coming up this weekend, so I invited U of L superfan Gabe Duverge into the studio to get the lowdown. Friday at 1, it’s the Battle of the Bluegrass in Lexington, as the Cards and Cats renew their heated rivalry. And on Saturday, we’ll be glued to the TV broadcast of the Cards’ TaxSlayer Bowl contest against Mississippi State in Jacksonville. Listen in for Gabe’s take on both games.

For those who don’t know Caroline, she’s a PR maven who is the Rusty Satellite Show’s chief guest finder. She is on the front line of the many of the city’s biggest events, always finding ways to get her clients mentioned in local media. And she’s a lot of fun, too.

Caroline takes us into 2018, previewing a few events including the Fifth Annual Tailspin Festival coming in February.

It was a great 2017 here at the Rusty Satellite Show, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of the city’s most interesting people again in 2018. Happy New Year!

Rusty Satellite 233 – Natalie Harris and Santa Pat Meehan

You’ll hear one of the best Ho! Ho! Ho!’s of your life when you listen to the jolly bellow of the Derby City Kringle. Pat Meehan is a natural-bearded Santa, and has been listening to hear what kids want for Christmas for decades, including 26 years at Oxmoor Mall. While that run just ended, Pat’s doing plenty of Santa appearances, including this weekend at Fourth Street Live!

I asked this question on Facebook this week: Do you know someone who’s been really good this year? I’d like to talk to the nicest person in town on the Rusty Satellite Show.

I got a bunch of responses from you, and chose Linda Ruffenach’s nomination of Natalie Harris, executive director of the Coalition for the Homeless. That group gets a lot of attention during the holidays, and is holding its annual Give-A-Jam concert at the Clifton Center on Thursday. She may truly be the nicest person in town.

Another call this week revealed an interesting story about how the Rusty Satellite Show impacted a former guest in a positive way. Listen in to hear about Carolyn McLean’s good fortune. I did interviews with a family therapist on the holiday blues, and talked to Elmer Lucille Allen, an artist who’s going strong in the West End at age 86.

Thanks to Passport Health Plan and Platinum Panel for sponsoring the show. And, please, open and download it before Christmas.

The Crunch Zone 105 – Christmas Mayne

Mark’s out but Joe,  Dave, and LJ are back discussing the Memphis State win,  recruiting news, wedding advice from Mike Leach, the best/worst Christmas movies, and worst Christmas gifts ever.  We recap the Lady Cards dominance over UK on Sunday and more.

Rusty Satellite 232 – Matt Schulte and Laura Benson Jones

Ever wonder how Papa John’s decides what new products to introduce? There’s plenty of science, research and testing involved, and a 35-year-old Louisville company is among the best in conducting consumer research. Matt Schulte wants YOU to join his Platinum Panel, a group that is regularly called on to test new products and ideas, right in St. Matthews. Oh, and you get paid when you do a test. We talk about it in this fun interview.

I met Laura Benson Jones about 20 years ago, when she was just getting her Cardinal Wings business off the ground. Jones has corralled all sorts of business awards in these two decades, and is now devoting her time to teaching young entrepreneurs about life and flying. She’s also co-chair of the Speed Museum Ball, coming up in March.

Democrats are feeling a big giddy over the defeat of a sexual predator, who was supported by the sexual-predator-in-chief, in a Senate race in Alabama. But here at home, we’ve got a blockbuster development about House Rep. Dan Johnson, whose past came to light as the result of a Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting story. The thoroughly-researched piece shows Johnson to be a habitual liar, sexual predator and criminal. Read it.

I’ll update you on my Airbnb battle going on in Jeffersontown, as well. Join me for a very interesting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Fortyish 71 – Our Lives In Music

Music defines our lives – what is coming out of the speakers at any given time will cement that moment in our brains forever. Stephanie and Dan brought in five songs each this week that helped to define who they are. If you’ve listened to the show for awhile, some of this stuff might be predictable, but other selections will surprise you! It was a super fun exercise that will connect with the #40ish set and take your brain back to simpler times.

Rusty Satellite 231 – Faith Hope Yascone and Lenny Mello

Join me as I speak with Faith Hope Yascone, a delightful personality who has been successfully renting properties on Airbnb since 2013. Faith and her sisters Joy and Hope are especially exciting about the Christmas season, and showed off the beautiful decorations in their Old Louisville home.

You’ll also hear from one of the 50 best golf fitness instructors in the U.S., according to Golf Digest magazine. Lenny Mello’s business in the Louisville Tennis Center has grown dramatically since we first met three years ago.

Meanwhile, I’m fighting City Hall. I learned that Jeffersontown’s Code Enforcement department targeted me and one other property in the city for violation of its archaic short-term lease law. This occurred after a complaint from a neighbor at the other property, who could site no actual harm, just wrote of his extensive FEAR that something bad might happen in the house next door. And there had been zero complaints at my property. I suspect the Good Ole Boy network in Jtown is now on full alert is selectively citing citizens it has a beef with, for one reason or another.

In all, quite a episode worthy of your listening time. Thanks for paying attention, and please feel free to get in touch any time.

Fortyish 70 – Is Generation X The “Last Best Hope”?

Dan ran across a Vanity Fair article written by fellow Gen X-er Rich Cohen that ran down why Generation X is a “market correction” stuck between the Boomers and Millennials. He like the article so much that he made Stephanie sit there and listen to him read it so they could break it down paragraph by paragraph and insert their own opinions. Listen along and form your own takes on why (or if) Generation X can save the world.