EDT 53 – John Bizzell and Jared Schubert

We begin the second year of EatDrinkTalk podcasts with a show sure to get you motivated to sample some of the city’s finest cuisine and cocktails. Steve and Rick are, of course, in recovery mode after an event-filled Derby Week. We review Rick’s experience at the first Culinary Kickoff at the Ali Center, where three nationally recognized chefs offered up their best. The highlight for Steve was a trip aboard the Belle of Louisville, where he sampled special bottles from Four Roses. Later, he enjoyed more bourbon sampling at the Stitzel-Weller Affair on Derby Eve.

For our Copper & Kings favorites, both Rick and Steve went back to basics. Steve’s was a pizza on Derby night from The Post in Germantown. Rick took in a Derby tradition by having a hearty breakfast at Wagner’s Pharmacy. Drink-wise, both of us stuck to bourbon. Steve chose the Belle of Louisville version of Four Roses specialties, and complained that the experiment he tried — a whiskey and pickleback, was a huge fail. Rick picked an Old Fashioned off the Derby menu at the Village Anchor.

Our first guest has worked for the same company since he was 16. Maybe that’s why John Bizzell is so good at his job as manager of the Highlands ValuMarket, where he’s preparing for the Highlands Beer Fest on May 20. Steve’s guest, Jared Schubert, is an expert on Louisville’s cocktail scene as partner in the newly created Bauhaus, a beverage consultancy.

Rusty Satellite 200 – Mayor Greg Fischer and Cyndy Tandy

Mayor Greg Fischer drops by — actually I dropped by his place — to appear on the 200th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show. Fischer says he loves the job, and the opportunity to make a difference, as he’s set to begin campaigning for a third term. We talk about crime, economic development, bourbon and the West End, as well as his own assessment of how the city’s doing.

On the very first show, about four years ago, Cyndy Tandy was a featured guest on what was then a new and unknown media venture. So I asked her back to reminisce a bit about the show and talk, of course, about the Derby. Listen in as we talk about some major moments in the show’s history.

Of course, it is Derby Week, so we talk about some local traditions – Dawn at the Downs, a trip to Wagner’s, and how to play your hunches to win money at Churchill Downs. And I took a trip over to the newly-remodeled Second Floor Clubhouse to sample some of the new menu items from Executive Chef Dave Danielson.

It’s all here in an especially interesting Rusty Satellite Show — with a big thank you to Passport Health Plan and the Eye Care Institute for sponsoring the show. We’ll see you for Show #201 next week.

Fortyish 46 – Drinkin’ At Derbytime

As Dan celebrates another trip around the sun (at 45, he’s aging out of his own podcast), he’s perhaps a little concerned about what his kids think about his cocktail consumption on occasions like the Kentucky Derby. Plus he gets some solid wisdom from the nice lady that cleans the office and decides to share with you.

EDT 52 – Matthew Landan and Mike Mays

The finest restaurant and bar podcast in the ‘Ville wraps up its first year with a celebration of all things Derby. Steve was ultra-impressed with the new Red Herring, now open on Frankfort Avenue in a gorgeous space. Also new to town is ROC in the Highlands, boasting of Italian specialties the way an Italian grandma would make it. There’s a new look to the 2nd Floor clubhouse at Churchill Downs, where Rick got a chance to visit with executive chef Dave Danielson and sample some of the new track staples. Steve tried the new Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen on Hurstbourne, and has a new appreciation for the Morris Deli on Taylorsville Road. Also, we drove by St. Matthews Saturday night and saw the new Sullivan’s is open for partying.

Our first guest, the Haymarket Whiskey Bar’s Matthew Landan, has concocted an amazing new Old Rip Van Winkle Package with a dreamy price tag of $25,000 — which happens to be a good value when you see what it includes. Mike Mays opened the 14th and largest Heine Brothers coffee shop last week in Hikes Point, a part of town he’s been eyeing for years. With close to 250 employees, Mays has a keen eye for the coffee shop business.

This week’s Copper & Kings faves come from the aforementioned clubhouse at Churchill Downs, where Rick found the Hot Brown Pizza to be a cool new twist on a favorite taste. Steve’s Maki  Shrimp salad was his top bite at Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen. Steve sampled a Sazerac at the Red Herring, while Rick tried a Chocolate Mint Jill-up at the Jill’s Wish charity event at Bowman Field.

Thanks for sticking with us for a full year, and here’s a shout-out to our great sponsors: Harvest Restaurant, the Eye Care Institute and Copper & Kings.

Rusty Satellite 199 – Mark Carter and Mark Maxwell

This 199th episode of the city’s most interesting podcast feature two guys named Mark — one who is making a historic business move by bringing his 500 employees to 18th and Broadway, and the other is the energetic leader of the Louisville Crashers.

Mark Carter’s surprise announcement two weeks ago that Passport is purchasing land at 18th and Broadway for a new headquarters was met with joyous reactions from Mayor Fischer and West End leaders who have seen disappointment in the past. When the prominent spot was rejected by Walmart last year, it was a blow not only to  the city’s economy, but to its psyche as well. Thanks to Passport’s planned move, however, the talk is about the expected new businesses that will be created there. Carter was praised by politicians and clergy alike, and you’ll want to hear his reaction.

At Maxwell’s Music in Jeffersonville, tucked into a strip shopping center, the first thing you notice are the colorful pianos lining the outdoor courtyard. Inside, it’s a musician’s dream, with private teaching areas, a full stage and themed rooms for instruments. But Mark Maxwell’s claim to fame is the success of the Louisville Crashers, considered the city’s top party band. The Crashers will be playing at Central Park in Old Louisville Friday, and have a full Derby Week itinerary, including backing up marquee stars at Unbridled Eve, the swankiest Derby Eve party of them all.

There’s plenty more great talk in this episode, including news about restaurant openings from EatDrinkTalk.net, and a look at what some Rusty Satellite Show alumni are doing to make news. And next week, to celebrate our 200th show, I’ll have Mayor Greg Fischer on as my guest. So thanks for listening to this most interesting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Fortyish 45 – Dead People’s Stuff

On the week that Dan actually turns 45, the 45th episode is released to the world – in which Stephanie has a few harsh words for those in the world who don’t leash their dogs. The conversation then turns to the family legacy, a burden resting comfortably on the shoulders of Generation X. What do we do with the stuff? How do we document the stories? How do we preserve that from whence we came? All this and “Whatcha Like This Week”.

EDT 51 – Damaris Phillips and Barry Yates

We’re in the home stretch headed toward the beginning of Derby Week, so as the city’s best restaurant and bar podcasters, we’re here to fill you in on how restaurateurs here are preparing to host thousands of out-of-town guests. We start with Steve’s explanation of why so many operators are offering prix fixe menus, and as you might guess, part of the answer is staffing.

What new places are planning to open before the big day? Roc in the Highlands has made it, and it appears that the new Red Herring on Frankfort might welcome guests as early as this week. Across the street, we’re glad to see the Hilltop Tavern is back after some plumbing issues forced a weeks-long shutdown. Among Derby events to look forward to, the Jill’s Wish bash at Bowman Field is a deal at $65. But we’re not all about the fancy — we tell you about some excellent food at great prices in neighborhood spots the Back Door and Kern’s Korner. We also fill you in with more details on the big Bourbon & Beyond event, which has started a billboard campaign around town.

In the Copper & Kings Favorites segment, Steve picked a Kentucky Cuban sandwich at Monnik Brewing in Germantown, while Rick opted for the Hung Jury, a tasty burger at Sidebar during the post-Neil Diamond concert rush. At the Back Door, Steve selected an Old Forrester barrel pick, a bargain at $5.50 a pour. While at the Pints and Parkinson’s event at Fourth Street Live!, Rick sampled a Birra Sour at Birracibo, featuring Bulleit Bourbon, a Shock Top brew, lemon juice and orange bitters.

Our first guest, Damaris Phillips, has a bunch of TV projects in the works with the Food Network, but loves the restaurants and coffee shops in her hometown. Steve’s guest is Franklin County hog farmer Barry Yates, who will be providing the pig at this week’s Chef’s Table at Harvest.