Rusty Satellite 58 – Stephanie Pearce Burke and Dr. Steve Heilman

RS58DrSteveHeilmanrs58burkeThere’s a whole lot more interesting-ness to this week’s Rusty Satellite Show. My first guest is the honorable Stephanie Pearce Burke, a District Court Judge who is running for re-election in the fall and facing some political obstacles from County Attorney Mike O’Connell, as she explains in our interview.
On August 24, Louisville will be absorbed in everything Ironman, as 2,500 athletes attempt to swim, bike and run their way through a challenging and lengthy course. Dr. Steve Heilman and a large crew from Norton Healthcare will be ready for those who need medical help. I talked to Dr. Heilman about what kind of health issues he sees from the competitors.
There’s plenty more that’s interesting to talk about, including the Metro Councilman who seems to be having a hard time re-paying a loan. I report on the PGA Championship at Valhalla, and invite you to join me this weekend at Madison’s Ribberfest to see Paul Thorn, and others.

Rusty Satellite 57 – Pat Forde and Stacey Yates

rs57PatForders57StaceyYatesIt’s all about the PGA Championship, being contested at Valhalla this weekend, on the Rusty Satellite Show. I caught up with national Yahoo! Sports columnist Pat Forde in the media tent and asked him about golf and college football, and how his job and others in sports have changed since the advent of the Internet.

Of course, the golf tournament is a big deal for tourism officials, and I was fortunate to run into Stacey Yates at the PGA Media Tent, where she was selling the Urban Bourbon Trail to media types. Stacey is a Louisville native who is probably the city’s biggest cheerleader.

The big news in media has been the drama surrounding LEO Weekly. As Rusty Satellite fans know, Aaron Yarmuth agreed to buy the paper his Dad started, but it took a while to finalize the deal. That happened last Friday, which coincided with Sara Havens’ (another former Rusty Satellite guest) 15th anniversary at the newspaper. Well, Yarmuth’s first order of business was to let Havens and three other staffers go, a move that was loudly criticized in social media. Another local controversy involves bicyclists and the Big Four Bridge. Plus, I tell you all about how to rent my house on Airbnb. There’s plenty more on this week’s Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 50 – John Yarmuth and Larry Bisig


rs50LarryBisigRusty’s 50th show is, of course, a good one. I stopped in at Congressman John Yarmuth’s office downtown and found him working on his TV. He claimed he was trying to find MSNBC, but an episode of Tosh.O was playing on the Comedy Channel. In our talk, we covered the differences between his jobs as a columnist and a Congressman. Plus, I asked about his influence on his sons purchase of LEO Weekly, and asked him if he really likes the job. Larry Bisig is a creator — he’s the man behind the Water Tower concert series that I attend every year, and was the first to think of broadcasting high school sports on local radio here. We talked about his company and his political activities and aspirations.

In the news, Rusty’s take on the Mayor’s proposed LG&E tax hike is that, duh, it’s not going to be popular with citizens, and the Metro Council is split on the topic. New bike lanes are causing some controversy in town, and escalating battles between motorists and cyclists. There’s a new soccer team in town, and this week is the Vault in the Ville. I went to see the Book of Mormon at the Kentucky Center, and with Father’s Day coming up, I talk about my golf outing with two of my three sons. Thanks for downloading the 50th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 46 – Aaron Yarmuth and Corky Miller








Shortly after it was announced by LEO Weekly that the paper’s new owner had the same last name as its founder, I got in touch with Aaron Yarmuth. I wanted to know what the 30-year-old has in store for the paper that his father started when he was a toddler. We met at his place downtown at Waterfront Park Place, and I left thinking that LEO is in good hands.

I’ve been watching Corky Miller at Slugger Field for 10 years, and now he’s approaching some of the franchise’s all-time records for longevity. And while some players might choose another career after so many 10-hour bus trips in the minors, Corky, 38, has a great attitude and an important role to play for the Bats, and I asked him about the “Feat the Stache” mania at the ballpark.

And now that the Derby season is behind us, there’s political news in the air, as Jack Conway announced his candidacy in the 2015 governor’s race. The state’s Legislative Ethics Commission, widely considered to have botched its prosecution of State Rep. John Arnold on sexual harassment allegations, decided to do it all over again and got the result most expected. A report ranking Kentucky 48th in bike-friendliness prompted an editorial from former Rusty guest Kirk Kandle. And there’s plenty of talk around town about the environment and climate change. It’s all in this episode of The Rusty Satellite Show.

Get Fit Louisville 14 – Louisville Fitness Trends

Fitness trends are nothing new and come and go, but there are a slew of new ones popping up around town so Jeff and Angie dive in. With the rise of FitBit, express workouts, zone training, and the “digital gym”, how do you know what’s good, what’s bad, and how to weed through it all to know what’s right for YOU?


Startup 91 – Jason Kelly


Having grown up with a dad in the Navy, Jason Kelly is no stranger to travel. That helps as he hops across the map as part of his company, Drifter Events, that hosts outdoor biking and running events around the company. The first event was an experiment that caused him to see enough potential to abandon a company he had already started and was doing well in.

Get Fit Louisville 12 – Dan Delph


Ultra marathon runner and former V02 Multisport employee talks about what it takes to run 100 miles…all at once. Angie asks him about his role at Norton Healthcare, why he doesn’t like swimming, and what it’s like to work with Jeff Miller.

Get Fit Louisville 10 – Chris Hutchens Guests


Forming a team of multisport athletes and getting them to all be better isn’t an easy job, and Chris Hutchens, team director of Maverick Multisport, shares his experience with getting his team off the ground and how to best keep it up and running.