Louisville Beer 50 – Brad Williams In Studio

todd-pharris-brad-williamsMr. Williams, of Liquor Barn fame and board member at the Zoo drops by to talk Brew at the Zoo. He also happened to have a bottle of 27 year old bourbon in his car. Lucky us! The first time bourbon has been consumed on the podcast, AND the first time I’ve ever had liquid that old. Did I mention mega-star (and Brad’s twin) Todd Pharris steps in to guest co-host? Well, he did. And was it ever magical.







Episode 17 – Rick Redman & Fred Minnick

Fred Minnick knows bourbon.
Fred Minnick knows bourbon.
Rick Redman and Rick Redding. Confused?
Rick Redman and Rick Redding. Confused?

Rick talks bats with Rick Redman and bourbon with Fred Minnick, his two guests this week – plus he dives into his takes on the news and issues of the week.

Episode 4 – Steve Fehder & Bernie Lubbers [Rusty Satellite]

Rick talks with Louisville Catholic Sports Network founder Steve Fehder as well as former standup comic and current Whiskey Professor Bernie Lubbers. Those interviews plus news of the week. Follow Rick on Twitter at @rickyredding.

Bernie Lubbers – The Whiskey Professor
Steve Fehder – Founder of Louisville Catholic Sports Network