Rusty Satellite 78 – Dennie Humphrey and Nick Redding

rs78NikeReddingrs78DennieHumphreyWe get 2015 started off right with a couple of special guests on the Rusty Satellite Show.
First, I learned a little about what it takes to stay in business 10 years in the local bar/restaurant industry from Dennie Humphrey, who runs the famed Monkey Wrench in the Highlands. Dennie talks about coming from a family of bootleggers, saying that the only difference in his generation is that he’s selling booze legally. There’s some interesting changes going down as he partners with Matthew Davis of Lil Cheezers.
For those of you wondering where the name Rusty Satellite originated, I offer you this interview with the original Rusty — my son Nick. Now 24, Nike (as he likes to be known) is a New Orleans native building a career in the arts and, if you can believe it, doing Tarot readings for tourists.
I take a look at how technology changed the way I absorbed culture in the last year — through Audiobooks, watching dramas on my Kindle and even renting my house through Airbnb. There’s a wrap to the college football season and an optimistic look ahead to 2015. All on the 78th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 75 – Jerry Ward and Tom Kapfhammer












It’s beginning to look a lot like. . . the end of the year, and Rusty hits another milestone this week with show #75. My first guest is Kosair Charities Chairman of the Board Jerry Ward, who is responsible for many good things going on that benefit children in our city. I happened to meet with Jerry the afternoon that we learned of the passing of Sam Swope, who did so much in his lifetime for Kosair.

Tom Kapfhammer had little choice but to enter the family business — he grew up busing tables at Buckhead’s. And despite earning a degree in Sports Communications from Indiana University, and working for the Louisville Bats, Tom chose to help grow the local restaurants. He shard a Christmas Ale with me on Wednesday afternoon overlooking the Louisville skyline.

I had several interesting news stories to talk about this week — the first being the good news that we, the taxpayers, won’t be providing financial incentives for a religious-oriented theme park. The tribunal for ex-Male High School principal David Mike is proving how difficult it is to fire someone at JCPS. And the University of Louisville is carefully considering a $6 million donation from the Koch Brothers and John Schnatter to make sure there aren’t strings attached that would affect instruction. U of L and WKU got bowl game invitations. And there’s plenty more on the 75th Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 72 – Anoosh Shariat and Kent Spencer












If you talk with a local foodie about why Louisville is known as a restaurant mecca, one of the first names to come up will be Anoosh Shariat. Born in Iran, raised in Germany, educated in Texas, Shariat has been wowing diners at various stops in Louisville for 25 years. His new place, Anoosh Bistro, is the culmination of a culinary career. It just opened a few months ago, and is packing in big crowds, even on a Wednesday night. Listen in and you’ll hear about his recent wedding as well.

Kent Spencer, who you see delivering sports news every night on WHAS-TV, says he was once recruited as a wide receiver at Miami. Instead, he played college football at Morehead State before embarking on a career in TV journalism. We talk about the difference between reporting news and sports, and about the Notre Dame football game this weekend.

In the news, a dusting of snow caused a school cancellation and something else that hasn’t happened in three decades — Churchill Downs cancelled its race card because of a frozen track. After Rand Paul’s appearance on the Bill Maher HBO show, I’ve decided that I could be swayed to actually vote for him for President. Locally, a study reveals the obvious fact that blacks get arrested more often than whites, and a JCPS spokesperson is being investigated. All that and more in a new episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 70 – Mario Muller and Matthew Landan

RS70MarioMullerRS70Matthew Landan











Thanks goodness that’s over with. That’s the sentiment among most folks I’ve talked with about the 2014 election. No more political ads on TV, for at least a little while, though the 2015 race for Kentucky governor is going to be very competitive.

My guests are about as far from politics as I could get. Mario Muller is a nationally-known artist who is currently working on a huge mural at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. I was able to catch up with him on the job site, and can’t wait to go back when he’s finished. One mile to the east, I popped in at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar to talk with Matthew Landan, the proprietor who has transformed the location from a quiet coffee shop to a thriving establishment that recently earned a turn on Esquire TV’s show, Best Bars in America.

You’ll hear how the candidates who appeared on the Rusty Satellite Show did in the elections, and I talk about how fear of Ebola caused a local teacher to resign. It’s all in an exciting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 68 – Sean Moth and Tish Gainey

RS68SeanMothRS68TishGaineyYou know the voice. He started that “another. . . Cards first down” thing at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Sean Moth also plays an important role in the way the University of Louisville athletic department is presented to the public, and he clearly loves his job. Get to know the Colorado native and listen as I pick up some advice on how to get more excited about the Rusty Satellite Show.

And I’m learning a lot about beer doing this show, but have run across no one with more information on the beverage than Tish Gainey, the beverage manager for Buckhead Mountain Grill and Rocky’s. Listen up to find out how you can win in the first-ever Listener contest at the Rusty Satellite Show.

In the news, I’m talking politics and the local judges races, and tell you how it’s going with my journaling project with my son Luke. And there’s my Twitter post that got a lot of reaction from Big Blue Nation. And I’m homeless – hear about my experience with the airbnb web site. All in another great episode of The Rusty Satellite Show.

Louisville Beer 56 – Nick Landers from Gordon Biersch

GBpicNew podcast equipment, new guest…still the same ugly faces at though.  We welcome Nick Landers of Gordon Biersch to the taproom while he drinks/explains his love for Oktoberfests and Louisville.  Also, Scott gives us the details on sorghum, John whines about not being at GABF, and Wurth plays all the stingers!






Louisville Beer 55 – Recovery Brunch at ATG


Somehow, the guys at made it through another Louisville Craft Beer Week.  After brunching so hard at ATG, the guys recap the week, the events they attending and how hungover they were.  Adam Watson gives us an ATG perspective while Peter Fingerson and Josh Hill of NABC tell us what it’s like to work across the river!

Louisville Beer 54 – LCBW Interviews

lcbwlogoIt’s come to this, another interview show. We’ve been busy, okay!?!? We talked to several people waiting in the line for Bo & Luke at Against the Grain, and then visited the 1st Annual ValuMarket Amateur Beer Cheese Festival at BBC Taproom. We talked to some entrants about what makes their beer cheese the best, and then score an EXCLUSIVE interview with the winner, Mr. Stephen Smith, who won in both the People’s Choice AND came in 1st place as voted by the esteemed panel of judges. Happy #LCBW2014, you all!
Did we mention, that as a bonus, we’ve included Solid Rock’it Boosters’ wonderful cover of Waylon Jennings’ “Good Ol’ Boys” from their gig at The Bo & Luke Release Party. It truly beats all you ever saw.

Louisville Beer 53 – Louisville Craft Beer Week Is Coming

lcbwlogoEpisode 53 is a doozy folks!  Jessy from ATG checks in as a guest host as we discuss all of the Louisville Craft Beer Week events going on.  Jessy drops the Bo and Luke variants along with other things ATG has up its wizard sleeves. Oh, and DVD is back in the house after his “brew voyage” and talks about what life was like on the road!




Louisville Beer 51 – 51: Akasha Brewing

akashabrewingWurth, Scott and guest co-host Ryan Hammel had a nice little talk with Rick Stidham and Matt from Louisville’s soon to be open brewery, Akasha Brewing (formerly Muse Brewing). Good thing they happened to be in a podcast studio and happened to record it, otherwise there wouldn’t be a show this week. Plenty of talk about bright tanks, square footage, tater tots, brewhouse efficiency, and merkins. Plenty of merkin talk. Too much? You be the judge. Thanks for listening!