Startup 89 – Andrew Klawier

andrewklawierAfter spending four years at Miami (OH) and time in the Marines (including a tour in Afghanistan) to hone his leadership skills, Andrew Klawier is heading up the development of GroomHQ, one in the new class at the Velocity accelerator in Jeffersonville.






Startup 86 – Brandon Powers


Brandon Powers is no stranger to the startup world, having worked as a developer with Andy and Landon Swan for many years, but now, as a leader of his startup,, he’s in uncharted waters. Brandon tells us what lessons he’s learned so far and how he manages his time with a wife and 3 kids under four years of age.

Episode 77 – Todd Schleuning


Producing and marketing a hard good isn’t easy, but Todd Schleuning and his family don their yellow dresses and hit the concert circuit to introduce the world to Shart, a quick and easy way to frame your favorite t-shirt as wall art without damaging it. He’s also teamed with his wife to write and illustrate a book that was funded by a Kickstarter campaign. Selling these items have taught great lessons to Todd, who freely shares his failures so we can all learn.

Episode 67 – Andy Eastes [STARTUP]

The internet has created plenty of wealth for people who sell stuff online, but inventory management was a problem that needed to be solved. Enter Andy Eastes and Agile Harbor, a company that morphed out of online retailer and Louisville startup Street Moda.