Rusty Satellite 81 – Rachel Platt and Mimi Hwang

rs81MimiHwang rs81RachelPlattIt’s a busy week for the Rusty Satellite Show. First, I went to the set of WHAS-TV’s Great Day Live to talk with beloved anchor Rachel Platt. I’ve known Rachel for years, and was pleased to hear her story about how she came to be a local supporter of the American Heart Association.

For years, I’ve been seeing those Hwang’s Martial Arts buses and passing by their storefronts, so I decided to see what they’re doing right. Mimi Hwang runs the family business with her parents, and they provide a great resource for parents throughout Jefferson County with after-school programs. Mimi was born in Korea and started training in the martial arts at age 3 when her family moved to the U.S. I was intimidated by her black belt.

In the news, I was saddened that our community lost two great men — Jim King and Houston Jones. Teen runaways from Grayson County have captured the news media’s attention, and the Ark Park suffered another setback. A new report gives Kentucky straight Fs for its work in stopping smoking. Plus, there’s football and a lot of movies to see. All in another episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Louisville Family Fun 71 – The 5th Anniversary Party

YOU want to come to our partyLouisville Family Fun just turned 5!  And what do all five-year-olds do best?  Birthday Parties!  We are throwing a party that’s a fun variety show for the entire family and it ALL benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana.  Tune in and hear all about it!  Tickets and event information available online:







Louisville Family Fun 69 – Christmas In Louisville


Are you skipping around shopping, sipping a peppermint mocha and singing Christmas carols?  NO WAY, us too!  We have a podcast just for you about all of the wonderful holiday events that take place in Louisville.  Tune in and also, refer to this link for up-to-date information:

Rusty Satellite 74 – MaLynda Poulsen and Denny Crum












Rusty checked out a new retail shop in the Highlands this week, and met the very eclectic and interesting proprietor, MaLynda Poulsen. Her shop is open during Bardstown Road A-Glow on Saturday, and has a special charity that’s going to benefit. Find out why she chose Louisville over all the other places she could have moved to from Boise. I hope you get to make it down there Saturday.

Longtime Louisvillians like me remember Denny Crum’s awesome teams in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, and it’s nice to see the Coach is a winner in retirement as well. Coach Crum has an office at the University Club and is a great ambassador for the University, while spending plenty of time on charitable work and, of course, fishing. Hear wheat he has to say about the unfortunate end of the Joe B. and Denny Show, a staple on AM radio for a decade.

In the news, a report from the 55,000 Degrees organization includes some troubling numbers, and I’m not surprised based on conversations I’ve had recently. It’s not good to have racist attitudes, and it’s even worse to put them on display through social media. A Norton Healthcare worker found that out this week and lost her job. I got to talk with some state legislators about their priorities for the January session. And Rusty Satellite alumni Coyote Calhoun, Steve Wiser and Anthony Lamas were in the news, in a good way. It’s all in the 74th episode of The Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 73 – Mike Maloney and Ashley Anderson

The holidays are here, and Rusty’s in a celebrating mood. My first guest is Mike Maloney, whose cool job it is to coordinate events like Light Up Louisville. That celebration gets going Friday night and is bigger and better than ever. Mike and I go way back to the time we worked together at a local firm, Ironmax, part of the dot-com bubble.

Ashley Anderson is among the youngest Rusty guests at 25, but her life and passions include sports media, television reporting and competing in fitness contests. And she may be our next Jennifer Lawrence. Ashley has taken acting classes and is auditioning for parts in all sorts of productions.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spend much show time talking about the controversy surrounding Ferguson, Mo., but I did find it interesting seeing the procession of protesters downtown this week. There’s news about the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, and a bigoted Bullitt County Fire Chief is getting our area the wrong kind of national attention. A study says Louisville is the third unhappiest city in the U.S. And the long-awaited football game between UK and the Cards is set for Saturday. It’s all in this week’s Thanksgiving episode of The Rusty Satellite Show.

Louisville Family Fun 67 – Simpsonville Parks and Rec

christruelocksimpsonvilleJourney east to Simpsonville. This small Kentucky town has big time parks and recreation programming.  We’re impressed and bet you will be too.  Tune in as Maggie interviews Chris Truelock from Simpsonville Parks and Recreation.







Louisville Family Fun 66 – Yew Dell Gardens

jackiegulbeyewdellKentucky is just beautiful and we could probably make an entire podcast series about the natural beauty in many parks and areas around the state.  On this episode, we focus in on Yew Dell Gardens in Crestwood in Oldham County.  It’s a gem – listen in and see why!







Louisville Beer 58 –

sluggerfieldWhile Scott’s sunbathing in South Carolina, welcomes LIBA to talk about this weekends LIBA’s Brewfest at Slugger Field.  Also, Paul Young discusses the latest on his Brew On Premise business.  Jen from LIBA tells us what to expect on Friday, how the Brewfest has grown exponentially, and how Hall is much better than Oates.  Listen in!





Louisville Family Fun 66 – Stage One


gilreyesstageoneKicking off another season, it’s Stage One Family Theatre.  We love highlighting the affordable options for family fun around Louisville and this Louisville Family Fun podcast will show you a new opportunity to enjoy all that Stage One has to offer without breaking the bank!









Louisville Family Fun 64 – Halloween In Louisville


BOO! It’s almost Halloween time and parents are gearing up to steal candy from their kids. Oh, I mean take their kids trick or treating.  Listen in as Stephanie and Maggie tell you all of the spooky sweet things that are happening around Kentuckiana for families looking for a haunt or Hershey bar!