Rusty Satellite 84 – Ben Sollee and Angie Fenton with Jason Applegate










Romance is certainly in the air on this week’s Rusty Satellite Show. Listen as world-famous cellist Ben Sollee talks about making in the music business, his passion for the environment and why he once rode his bike from Lexington to the Bonnaroo Music Festival. He’s wrapping up a stint at Actors Theatre, performing in the outstanding play, At the Vanishing Point.

Newlyweds Jason Applegate and Angie Fenton are starting a new business — a magazine spotlighting do-gooders in southern Indiana. Pile that much togetherness on top of a marriage that’s only four months old and a home with a litter of dogs there all the time, and you’ve got a recipe for conflict. Find out how Angie and Jason are making it work. Angie also reveals the surprise she’s got in store for Jason for Valentine’s Day.

In other news, your Kentucky legislature is prepared to fail, again, at passing a statewide smoking ban, while both Indiana and Kentucky are wasting time arguing over alcohol laws. In Kentucky, there’s a bill that makes tailgating legal. I’ll catch you up on what Iv’e been doing, including an appearance on another podcast here on the network. I’ve got a great recommendation if you want to impress your Valentine. Take her to dinner at Loui Loui’s. And please, please “Like” the Rusty Satellite Facebook page.

Rusty Satellite 80 – Emily McCay and Stephen George










We’re talking with and about people, interesting people, on this week’s Rusty Satellite Show.

My first guest is Emily McCay, who operates a thriving business in the Highlands on Bardstown Road. This business just reached a major milestone, having delivered one million diapers to growing families in the area. Emily’s business has a green message about natural parenting as well.

I’ve know Stephen George since he was the editor at LEO Weekly. Since then, he’s worked in media in Nashville and for Rep. John Yarmuth in our nation’s capital. Now he’s returned home as News Editor at Insider Louisville, a really good move for the online media outlet. We talk about local media and his plans for reporting on business at IL.

I made note of some other newsworthy folks this week — Metro Councilman Dan Johnson has more money woes and ex-Male principal David Mike won’t go away. The new Miss Kentucky is a U of L volleyball player who won the pageant in her first attempt. And I got to hear from one of our city’s business kingpins, Signature Healthcare’s Joe Steier, at the Breakfast of Champions. And Wild and Woolly, one of the city’s last video stores, is closing down. Thanks for downloading another great episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 79 – Lenny Mello and Jason Falls

The first of the year is a great time to try new things – so I’m trying a new training regimen I head about from Lenny Mello, the area’s only golf fitness trainer certified by Titleist. The golf ball company, of course, wants more people to play golf longer, and created a program to train people to keep people like me fit enough to play the game. Lenny has a new business called Pillar Health and Sport Performance located in the Louisville Tennis Center.

If you know anything about social media, you probably know who Jason Falls is. He’s a pioneer on the local social media scene, has written two books and is in demand on the speaker circuit. He’s also an entrepreneur who has started a new agency, and just might eventually join the podcast network.

A big week for interesting news, and by that I mean news about high-profile officials involved in a sex/drinking scandal. Some local iconic restaurants shut down at the start of the year, but the big development news is the Omni Hotels announcement. It’s a plan to build a 30-story tower downtown with all kinds of cool stuff attached. Plus, there’s a big journalistic scoop — Kentucky is wasting money paying salaries to elected jailers around the state, even though many of them have no jail and no duties. There’s plenty to keep you entertained right here at the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 77 – Lori Cheeck and Morgan McGarvey












It’s the last Rusty Satellite Show of 2014, and we’ll take a look back at some of the cool guests who have appeared on the show from the worlds of politics, sports, media, the arts and business.

Lori Cheek, a Spencer County native, left the security of a career in architecture to help people find their true loves using technology. You’ll find out what being Cheek’d is all about.

Morgan McGarvey is the second youngest member of the Kentucky Senate, but he got started professionally by covering a big political story in Missouri for a TV station. Find out what he thinks will go down, and up, in the upcoming legislative session. We look ahead to the big Cardinals vs. Wildcats battle at the Yum! Center, and get ready for 2015.

Rusty Satellite 76 – Ingrid Hernandez and Cyndy Tandy













’Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the ‘Ville, podcast fans were wondering, who’s Rick got on the show this week? And so it is that two of the most interesting and successful women in town spent a few minutes with me. First you’ll hear from Ingrid Hernandez, who has built one of the city’s most creative and successful agencies — after starting her business alone in a bedroom, she’s built a thriving enterprise with 14 staffers. Along the way she’s picked up tons of business awards, and has recently been featured on the cover of USA Today Weekend.

Cyndy Tandy was my guest on the very first Rusty Satellite Show, and returns to treat me to a great experience at a diner on Dixie Highway. It’s part of her new project, Louisville Uncovered, which you can catch online and on WAVE-TV.

Plus there’s a reminder that you really, really, shouldn’t give gift cards at Christmas. I’m proud and thrilled that my son Josh is graduating from U of L. It’s all in another exciting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.


Rusty Satellite 75 – Jerry Ward and Tom Kapfhammer












It’s beginning to look a lot like. . . the end of the year, and Rusty hits another milestone this week with show #75. My first guest is Kosair Charities Chairman of the Board Jerry Ward, who is responsible for many good things going on that benefit children in our city. I happened to meet with Jerry the afternoon that we learned of the passing of Sam Swope, who did so much in his lifetime for Kosair.

Tom Kapfhammer had little choice but to enter the family business — he grew up busing tables at Buckhead’s. And despite earning a degree in Sports Communications from Indiana University, and working for the Louisville Bats, Tom chose to help grow the local restaurants. He shard a Christmas Ale with me on Wednesday afternoon overlooking the Louisville skyline.

I had several interesting news stories to talk about this week — the first being the good news that we, the taxpayers, won’t be providing financial incentives for a religious-oriented theme park. The tribunal for ex-Male High School principal David Mike is proving how difficult it is to fire someone at JCPS. And the University of Louisville is carefully considering a $6 million donation from the Koch Brothers and John Schnatter to make sure there aren’t strings attached that would affect instruction. U of L and WKU got bowl game invitations. And there’s plenty more on the 75th Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 74 – MaLynda Poulsen and Denny Crum












Rusty checked out a new retail shop in the Highlands this week, and met the very eclectic and interesting proprietor, MaLynda Poulsen. Her shop is open during Bardstown Road A-Glow on Saturday, and has a special charity that’s going to benefit. Find out why she chose Louisville over all the other places she could have moved to from Boise. I hope you get to make it down there Saturday.

Longtime Louisvillians like me remember Denny Crum’s awesome teams in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, and it’s nice to see the Coach is a winner in retirement as well. Coach Crum has an office at the University Club and is a great ambassador for the University, while spending plenty of time on charitable work and, of course, fishing. Hear wheat he has to say about the unfortunate end of the Joe B. and Denny Show, a staple on AM radio for a decade.

In the news, a report from the 55,000 Degrees organization includes some troubling numbers, and I’m not surprised based on conversations I’ve had recently. It’s not good to have racist attitudes, and it’s even worse to put them on display through social media. A Norton Healthcare worker found that out this week and lost her job. I got to talk with some state legislators about their priorities for the January session. And Rusty Satellite alumni Coyote Calhoun, Steve Wiser and Anthony Lamas were in the news, in a good way. It’s all in the 74th episode of The Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 56 – Larry Sinclair and Christen Boone












I talked the PGA’s Larry Sinclair into taking me around Valhalla on a golf cart this week, and we conducted our interview on some pricey real estate. At least it will be when the PGA Championship starts next week. Larry’s got a cool job, selling corporate sponsorship packages to corporations who believe it’s worth a six-figure sum to entertain guests at Valhalla for a week.

In a way, Christen Boone has a similar responsibility — she’s charged with convincing executives and employees to give their hard-earned cash to the Arts. Interestingly, she’s taking over an organization, the Fund for the Arts, that is one of the oldest and most successful of its type in the country. And she’s balancing the demands of being a Mom to three young boys with a demanding career.

There’s plenty of news to discuss — like why the Clark County Sheriff would ask a prostitute to check in to a Louisville hotel disguised as one of his staff members. The answer, of course, was to save $25 by getting the government discount on the room. Not kidding. Also, these stories — tax incentives for a religious theme park, opposition to gay marriage is waning, and an age-discrimination trial against the Courier-Journal is causing the newspaper’s parent to reveal some embarrassing numbers. But for us regular folks, it’s all about the PGA and the new Outlet Shoppes opening next week in Simpsonville.

Rusty Satellite 50 – John Yarmuth and Larry Bisig


rs50LarryBisigRusty’s 50th show is, of course, a good one. I stopped in at Congressman John Yarmuth’s office downtown and found him working on his TV. He claimed he was trying to find MSNBC, but an episode of Tosh.O was playing on the Comedy Channel. In our talk, we covered the differences between his jobs as a columnist and a Congressman. Plus, I asked about his influence on his sons purchase of LEO Weekly, and asked him if he really likes the job. Larry Bisig is a creator — he’s the man behind the Water Tower concert series that I attend every year, and was the first to think of broadcasting high school sports on local radio here. We talked about his company and his political activities and aspirations.

In the news, Rusty’s take on the Mayor’s proposed LG&E tax hike is that, duh, it’s not going to be popular with citizens, and the Metro Council is split on the topic. New bike lanes are causing some controversy in town, and escalating battles between motorists and cyclists. There’s a new soccer team in town, and this week is the Vault in the Ville. I went to see the Book of Mormon at the Kentucky Center, and with Father’s Day coming up, I talk about my golf outing with two of my three sons. Thanks for downloading the 50th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 42 – Tom Williams and Wayne Hettinger

rs42TomWilliamsrs42WayneHettingerIt’s Thunder Week around here, and that alone should put you in a better mood, even if you’re still smarting from that Wildcat loss in Monday’s NCAA Championship game. Some overly unsportsmanlike basketball fans should work on becoming more compassionate, and they could learn a lot about that from Tom Williams, co-chair of Compassionate Louisville. That organization is part of Give a Day Week, a program being pushed by Mayor Fischer to encourage everyone to do something nice for somebody. That shouldn’t be so hard. Tom, an attorney, also has an idea I really like called Restorative Justice.

If you’ve paid any attention to Thunder over Louisville in the last 25 years, you know Wayne Hettinger, the man who pulls the strings and makes it happen. Wayne’s a delightful interview and enthusiastic proponent of the big event, as you’ll hear in our talk.

In the news, I talk about the big issue that could adversely affect Thunder (let’s hope not) – crime in downtown and the fear some citizens have of roaming packs of young people. The Derby Festival announced its Pegasus Parade grand marshals, part of a constant flow of news from the organization, headed by former Rusty guest Mike Berry. I went to the Billy Joel show at the Yum! Center Sunday, and Senate candidate Matt Bevin got himself lampooned on the Stephen Colbert show. It’s all there in another exciting episode of The Rusty Satellite Show.