Louisville Family Fun 37 – The Diaper Fairy

The Diaper Fairy, you read that correctly!  This podcast dives into the not so pretty aspect of parenting: diaper duty.  Listen in as Louisville’s very own Diaper Fairy tells you about how she can take care of the mess for you and all about what services and items she offers through her shop.

Rusty Satellite 36 – Shoni Schimmel and Dawn Yankeelov

Dawn Yankeelov
Dawn Yankeelov


If you don’t know Shoni Schimmel, you don’t know women’s basketball. Rusty talked with U of L’s amazing basketball star before practice this week. Shoni grew up on a reservation, and exhibits a flashy style of play known as “RezBall”. She’s a hero to Native Americans across the country, many of whom are traveling to Louisville for Monday night’s big game against Connecticut.
Dawn Yankeelov is a technology entrepreneur who just got back to town after meeting with John Yarmuth and Mitch McConnell about some key issues, including immigration. Listen as I ask if those two agree on anything.
My top five of the week includes another look at a casino gaming story in the news. a report that ranks Kentucky 49th in the U.S. (thanks, West Virginia) in health, and some thoughts on Bill Clinton’s visit. It’s also the start of the Humana Festival of New American Plays. Of course, the Lady Cards are a story worth watching as they attempt to sell out the Yum! Center Monday night.

Startup 90 – Chris Bailey

chrisbaileyAs a native Lousivillian, Chris Bailey has seen his fair share of rear-end collisions on the highways and biways of the area. It took his being a witness to a giant pileup on I-71 to realize that there’s a better way for drivers to be aware of velocity changes on the highway. That incident was the seed of his idea for Gear Brake, one of the young companies participating in the Velocity Accelerator this winter.






Startup 87 – Keith Ringer


For a guy who wasted too much time skateboarding around UofL’s campus (according to him), Keith Ringer has accomplished some things. He and his partner Chuck Burke were early in no the social network thing with LouisvilleMojo.com. After selling the business off, he’s been busy with other projects and staying relatively active in the Louisville startup scene, something on which he has a few strong opinions.




Startup 86 – Brandon Powers


Brandon Powers is no stranger to the startup world, having worked as a developer with Andy and Landon Swan for many years, but now, as a leader of his startup, LensFactory.com, he’s in uncharted waters. Brandon tells us what lessons he’s learned so far and how he manages his time with a wife and 3 kids under four years of age.

Episode 85 – Andy Swan Returns

andyswanA seasoned veteran of startups and investing, Andy Swan has plenty to say about what works and what doesn’t. His latest two projects, Voomly and LikeFolio are both operational and creating revenue within an unbelievably short time of inception. He has strong things to say about Lean Startup, the Louisville scene, and why he doesn’t want to be a “personality”.





Episode 84 – Jonathan Erwin

JonathanErwinCreating a whole new platform of communicating isn’t easy, and getting to the point where you can execute on that idea isn’t either. After many years in the workforce at several different startups in northern California, Jonathan Erwin moved back to Louisville to start a family. Fast forward a few years and he’s taken the plunge as a founder and leader of Red e App, a secure internal communications platform that’s picking up big-name customers and making more than a few waves in the Louisville startup scene.

Episode 83 – Angus McLachlan


Recent “Launch It” graduate (and Scotsman) Angus McLachlan came to Louisville two years ago to work on medical devices. His work developed so far down the road, he found himself at the helm of a new effort with the blessing (and assistance) of his former employer. He’s still two years from product launch, but has plenty of work to do in the meantime.

Episode 82 – Elite Pierre


In the digital age, become a brand unto your self is “easy” to do. Elite Pierre is a youth mentor, public speaker, and soon-to-be publisher who is finding out that it takes a lot of focus and determination to make it happen. After completing the Nucleus Lean Launchpad training last spring, Elite is primed and ready to hit the ground running.

Episode 81 – Mike Pifer


Necessity (and opportunity) are the mothers of invention. Mike Pifer’s wife exclaimed that outdoorsmen will buy anything and challenged him to come up with something. He did, and DCVR Outdoors was recently named one of Louisville’s “Hot Dozen” companies. It’s a great story of a “regular joe” who made up his mind to do something…then did it.