Rusty Satellite 85 – Will Russell and Sean Vandevander

RS85WillRussellrs85SeanVandevenderTired of snow and cold and cancellations? Well, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night would keep the Rusty Satellite Show from arriving safely online on Thursday mornings.
Our most interesting person of the week is Will Russell, he of Lebowski Fest and Why Louisville fame, who invited me over to his basement/playroom to talk about his really cool project, Funtown Mountain. Hear about how Will is giving Cave City’s famed roadside attraction new life.
I braved frigid temps to go to the Garage Bar for a talk with Sean Vandevender, who is doing important work on sustainability with his entrepreneurial venture, EcoBridge Industries. He’s also a former political lobbyist, so you’ll get to hear his answer to my question — what do lobbyists do? And there’s an update on the legality of hemp in Kentucky.
in media news, we’re sorry to hear about the latest physical setback for beloved WAVE-TV anchor Dawne Gee. And down at Sixth and Broadway, it’s another step toward irrelevance as the paper closes its Washington bureau and asks all its reporters to reapply for their jobs. No one likes bad weather during Sweeps Month more than TV station GMs. And I look ahead to the Healing Place’s Celebrate Freedom Dinner and the city’s best Oscar party. All on a great episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 80 – Emily McCay and Stephen George










We’re talking with and about people, interesting people, on this week’s Rusty Satellite Show.

My first guest is Emily McCay, who operates a thriving business in the Highlands on Bardstown Road. This business just reached a major milestone, having delivered one million diapers to growing families in the area. Emily’s business has a green message about natural parenting as well.

I’ve know Stephen George since he was the editor at LEO Weekly. Since then, he’s worked in media in Nashville and for Rep. John Yarmuth in our nation’s capital. Now he’s returned home as News Editor at Insider Louisville, a really good move for the online media outlet. We talk about local media and his plans for reporting on business at IL.

I made note of some other newsworthy folks this week — Metro Councilman Dan Johnson has more money woes and ex-Male principal David Mike won’t go away. The new Miss Kentucky is a U of L volleyball player who won the pageant in her first attempt. And I got to hear from one of our city’s business kingpins, Signature Healthcare’s Joe Steier, at the Breakfast of Champions. And Wild and Woolly, one of the city’s last video stores, is closing down. Thanks for downloading another great episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Rusty Satellite 77 – Lori Cheeck and Morgan McGarvey












It’s the last Rusty Satellite Show of 2014, and we’ll take a look back at some of the cool guests who have appeared on the show from the worlds of politics, sports, media, the arts and business.

Lori Cheek, a Spencer County native, left the security of a career in architecture to help people find their true loves using technology. You’ll find out what being Cheek’d is all about.

Morgan McGarvey is the second youngest member of the Kentucky Senate, but he got started professionally by covering a big political story in Missouri for a TV station. Find out what he thinks will go down, and up, in the upcoming legislative session. We look ahead to the big Cardinals vs. Wildcats battle at the Yum! Center, and get ready for 2015.

Louisville Family Fun 52 – Good Garbage!

lynngoodgarbageTune in and learn about turning trash into treasure.  Maggie chats with Lynn Quire from Good Garbage about getting crafty with unusual items.  If you want to get crafty, you should definitely check out LouFamFun’s Pinterest boards:








Rusty Satellite 48 – John Walzcak and Kat Gentner


rs48Walczak1,500 animals are housed at the Louisville Zoo, and John Walzcak seems to know about every one of them. The Louisville Zoo director discusses the Zoo’s role as one of the region’s top tourist attractions, how most of the animals know who he is, and the good news about the Zoo’s move to sell beer. Kat Gentner may be the only graphic facilitator around here. If you don’t know what that means, listen in as we talk about her unique skill helps businesses, conferences and speakers illustrate their presentations so that ideas just jump out at you.

In the Kentucky primary, Rusty guests J.P. Davis (Metro Council District 9) and Karen Faulkner (Jefferson County Attorney) both ran quality races but were defeated on Tuesday, along with U.S. Senate hopeful Matt Bevin. As expected, the Mitch McConnell vs. Alison Lundergan Grimes race is set for the fall, in what will likely be the most expensive race in state history. State Auditor Adam Edelen released an audit of the Jefferson County Public Schools, and no one was surprised to learn that JCPS has too many administrators who are paid too much. That money could be used for classrooms and textbooks, but don’t hold your breath waiting for JCPS to get rid of the fat. Also, teachers and administrators at Male High School really want their students to do well on standardized tests. Maybe a little too much. The Courier-Journal reported that students told investigators that they were given answers to tests. On a brighter note, the Indiana side of the Big Four Bridge opened, and citizens can now walk to the Hoosier side. Also, I went to the Lyle Lovett show at the Iroquois Ampitheatre, and took some cool photos you can see at

This weekend, check out the Kentucky Reggae Festival, and on Memorial Day, the Mayor’s Hike, Bike and Paddle event.

Startup 95 – Moving Forward


After 94 great episodes and two great years, I’m pulling the plug on the Startup Podcast – not because I don’t love it or because it wasn’t working. I simply don’t have the time and flexibility to carry my own show. I’m grateful for the time and attention you’ve given me. Listen in for the full story.

Locally Grown 3 – Matt McMahan: Big Four Burgers and Beer

bigfourburgersMatt McMahan is the quintessential local entrepreneur. His career is full of projects including bar ownership, real estate investments and his latest venture, Big Four Burgers and Beer. Matt is never shy about the challenges of being an entrepreneur and loves talking about all things local with Lincoln in this episode.

Startup 95 – Tendai Charasika Returns!


It’s arguable that nobody is as consistent and makes as much of a difference in the Louisville startup scene than Tendai Charasika. Easily one of the most likable and dialed in guys, he’s made the jump from startup support to startup CEO of SuperFanU. In this episode, he details the challenges of balancing life in a startup with family and talks about the challenges of working on a company at the early stage of aggressive growth mode.

Rusty Satellite 40 – Ted Smith and Greg Galiette

Greg Galiette from the Louisville Bats
Greg Galiette from the Louisville Bats
Ted Smith from Louisville Metro Government
Ted Smith from Louisville Metro Government
There’s a whole lot happening in the River City this week, and not all of it is good. Downtown violence has everyone concerned and puts the reputation of Waterfront Park as a safe place in jeopardy. But the big event is Red vs. Blue and the big game in Indy Friday. I talk about that, and how Mitch McConnell screwed up in a campaign video.
Of course, there are always two great guests on the Rusty Satellite Show. The first is Ted Smith, Metro Louisville’s Chief of Economic Development and Innovation, who talks to me about some local projects and reveals where the next big announcement will happen. Greg Galiette is starting his 30th year in professional baseball, and tells me about all the cool stuff happening at Slugger Field this year.

Startup 94 – Sean Vandevander

vandeevsFinding a way to serve others and blend that into entrepreneurship has been a goal for Sean Vandevander throughout his career. He now volunteers for a Louisville social entrepreneurship startup called Waterstep and is working on facing the challenges that come with a non-profit.