Startup 91 – Jason Kelly


Having grown up with a dad in the Navy, Jason Kelly is no stranger to travel. That helps as he hops across the map as part of his company, Drifter Events, that hosts outdoor biking and running events around the company. The first event was an experiment that caused him to see enough potential to abandon a company he had already started and was doing well in.

Startup 90 – Chris Bailey

chrisbaileyAs a native Lousivillian, Chris Bailey has seen his fair share of rear-end collisions on the highways and biways of the area. It took his being a witness to a giant pileup on I-71 to realize that there’s a better way for drivers to be aware of velocity changes on the highway. That incident was the seed of his idea for Gear Brake, one of the young companies participating in the Velocity Accelerator this winter.






Startup 89 – Andrew Klawier

andrewklawierAfter spending four years at Miami (OH) and time in the Marines (including a tour in Afghanistan) to hone his leadership skills, Andrew Klawier is heading up the development of GroomHQ, one in the new class at the Velocity accelerator in Jeffersonville.






Episode 63 – Rob Rosario [STARTUP]

As part of the VelocitySI Accelerator inaugural class, Rob Rosario and his company Steel Fashion relocated to Jeffersonville. Rob is no stranger to the Midwest, however, and fills us in on how he’s using that geographical experience to work up his customer validation for his startup.